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Inter Solar Systems Established in Year 1997 is a well accomplished name in the field of innovative product offerings based on solar energy mechanisms. In India (Solar Electric Water Heater)Solar energy implementation in various sectors is still in its kick off stages as of now. Due to this fact, Inter Solar Systems has proved to be one of the pioneer organizations in the country which is taking this form of valuable energy in a serious and innovative mode. There are many other start-ups which have considered implementing businesses based on solar(Domestic Solar Water Heater) energy usage, but as far as the statistics reveal, not many of them have been able to withstand the bottlenecks that are predominant in this field. We are concerned about the following aspects of business functions:

  • » We specialize in the manufacturing and production of the best quality of Solar Water Heating System  and equipment (Solar Air Heating Equipment) s based on the mechanism of solar energy.
  • » Our products are compliant to quality standards and without any kind of compromise in the efficiency of the products, we provide our clients with the best possible pricing structure.
  • » We believe in constant research and development of the materials, process and distribution aspects of the products that we seek to produce
  • » We implement the process of continuous and rigorous analysis and evaluation techniques, which ensure that the products are being manufactured with the best of quality standards and the top-most efficiency.
  • » Despite coming up with extremely unparalleled solar energy based technology and equipment, our team of brilliant professionals make sure that they continue to be creative and end up delivering innovative and fresh ideas further as well.
  • » We strive constantly to figure out new boulevards wherein the concept of ( Industrial Solar Water Heating System,Solar Heating  Equipments,Solar Geyser System,Pool Water Heating System) solar energy can be utilized in a big way to produce extremely useful and efficient products for the masses and other clients. .

Our Product Range:

We have an extremely innovative and wide range of products which have proven themselves to be of great utilization value. Some of the best featured products of our organization are as follows:


  • Water Heating Equipments: We have a commendable range of solar (Solar Electric Water Heater ,Solar Swimming Pool Heating System,Solar Storage Water Heater) energy based  which serve the purpose of water heating for both, households and commercial.
  • Swimming Pool Heating: Our  is another great product which is based on the concept of utilizing solar energy in an optimal way.
  • Heat Pumps: Heat Pumps is a very versatile product to heat water. Heat Pump utilizes worldwide proven technology to capture  heat from the ambient air/water and transferring it to water as per requirement.
  • Solar Lighting System: We have the best variety of solar(Solar Air Heating Equipments,Commercial Solar Water Heating System,Solar Water Heater Manufacturer) energy lighting systems, which extend the possibilities of having lighting arrangements of the best quality with minimal worries about electricity.
  •  Areas We Cover For Inter Solar Services: Chanidgarh, patiala, Punjab, Himachal, Bilaspur, Shimla, Rajasthan, Panipat, Bhiwani, Hisar, Yamuna Nagar,Delhi, Haryana, Pathankot and Jalandhar.

Why Choose Us:

Inter solar system provides unparalleled and unbeatable services in the solar system equipment. Our professionals provide round the clock service to our valuable customers’ thereby delivering high performance in a lowest turnaround time and in a best possible way. We always try to provide best solution to all the customers be it domestic or commercial application.

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Project Showcase

Project ShowcaseIndia’s Largest Solar Heated Swimming Pool Installation.

Our Solar System Gallery Let’s explore the Solar System to find out about the worlds revolving around our Sun!

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