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Before Installation Info

Inter Solar representative must be contacted to decide which system is suitable to meet your hot water requirement.

As a first step find out answers to following questions, which will define you requirement

  • Number of Hot water outlets Keeping number of outlets to minimum reduces surface heat loss through piping length
  • Insulation of Hot water piping . Hot water pipes from solar system to tanks must be insulated to reduce heat loss thorough pipes.
  • Total water requirement (for bathing) for this you can refer below given detailed table.
Usage ClassificationUsage PatternPer Person Requirement (liters)
Row House / Small independent HomeNon Shower Based20 to 25
Shower based30 to 35
Pressurized Application60 to 80
Apartment 1 BHK typeShower based25 to 30
Apartment 2 BHK typeShower based30 to 35
Apartment 3 BHK onwards typeShower based40 to 45
Luxurious ApartmentPressurized Application80 to 100
Hostel with dormitoryTaps outside the bathrooms15 to 20
Hostel / Guest HouseShower based30 to 40
Hotel – Low BudgetShower Based30 to 35
Hotel – Medium BudgetShower Based40 to 65
Hotel — High BudgetShower + Bathtub Based100 to 130
Canteen / Restaurant / Fast-food JointHot water tap for plate cleaning12 to 16 per plate
Industrial / Institutional requirementVarious pattern of usageTo be decided on actual basis

For Residential use of Solar Water Heater, you can also use below given chart whereby you can select model directly.

Model DetailsNo of Tubes (for high radiation area)No of Persons
ETC 100 LPD102
ETC 200 LPD205
ETC 300 LPD308
ETC 500 LPD5015


Please note that above given calculation are based on company experience and customers feedback. Actual user requirement may vary from case to case basis.

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