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1kw Solar Panel Price in India

1kw Solar Panel Price in India

1kw Solar Panel Price in India – To power your home, a 1kW solar system is a modern and economical way. It includes Solar panels, Solar inverters, Solar batteries, and other solar accessories that complete the solar setup. Well known for their unique functionality, these are all high-efficiency solar components. Want to know about the 1kW solar panel price In India? Explore the blog till the end to know more.   

1kw Solar Panel Price in India

Solar Panels generate DC electricity and absorb sunlight. Then this DC electricity is converted into AC electricity when this electricity is passed through a solar inverter. Hence in this way the appliances are powered. To run your load the solar power will be first and solar battery / Grid will be second. You will see a tremendous increase in Your Savings when you invest in a 1kW solar panel.

1 kW Solar Panel Price In India – All you need to know 

Using the sun’s power, the 1 kW solar Panel is capable of generating 5000 watts a day. To 3-4 BHK homes in India, the 1 kW solar panel is designed to give power supply for 8-10 hours having severe power cuts. With more than 97% of inverter efficiency and over 16 % Module Efficiency as it contains the Monocrystalline panels.

  • Usage: Being Ideal for 2-3 BHK Homes, 1kW Solar Panel allows you to use 3 Fans, 1 Refrigerator, 1 TV, 1 Laptop, 4-5 Lights without any failure for 3-4 hours. 
  • Pricing: This Solar Panel with the help of the sun helps you to run all your power equipment. Well where the power cuts are frequent, it is very useful in such places. 
  • Benefits: The approximate cost of the 1 kW solar panel in India is Rs. 98,000 and the price could vary from dealer to dealer depending upon the quality they deal in. 

Why Buy 1 kW solar Panel In India?

Here are some of the top reasons for buying a 1 kW Solar panel In India:

  • It saves our earth as it is fully dependent on solar energy for electricity generation.
  • 1 kW solar panel helps well in getting rid of the power cuts and provides electricity supply for up to 4 hours
  • It is one of the power solutions for the 2-3-4 BHK houses.
  • It helps in saving the electricity cost 
  • Requires very low maintenance and hence maintenance cost is very low.
  • It gives a power supply to 8 to 10 hours 
  • Installing 1 kW solar panels is both affordable and enough. 
  • Does not pollutes the environment 

Inter Solar System | Best Solar Panel Dealer In India

Inter solar system is one of the best Solar Panel Dealers In India. The company was established in 1997 and serving in the solar world since then. The company has great experience in manufacturing the perfect solar solutions and is known for its successful installations. Inter solar system deals in the manufacturing and selling of top quality solar panels, solar systems, solar inverters, solar heaters, solar lights, solar heated swimming pools, and many other solar types of equipment.

The best thing to note about us is that we manufacture the top-notch quality of the solar panels that too at such an affordable price. The company focuses on customer satisfaction by providing outstanding client assistance 24*7. 

Why choose Inter Solar system as one of the best Solar Panel Dealers In India?

Here are some of the top reasons for choosing Inter Solar systems as one of the top solar manufacturing companies in India:

  • We deal in top-quality and highly efficient solar panels.
  • Inter Solar Systems is a team of professionals and ensure expertise in manufacturing 
  • We do the successful installations 
  • We focus on providing 24*7 client assistance to ensure better customer satisfaction. 
  • The make the fast delivery of our solar range. 
  • We provide customized solar solutions according to the needs and aspirations of the clients. 


Hence this is the Price of the 1 kW Solar Panel In India. It is one of the smart investments one can ever make as it is directly links with the returns. It helps in saving money from the huge electricity bills. 

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