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1st Anniversary Of Solar Power Plant

1st Anniversary Of Solar Power Plant –  Wing Commander AdarshveerJi Installed Solar Power Plant on 22nd February 2017 at his residence to Solar Electricity to meet the electricity requirement of one Kanal residence at Panchkula.

1st anniversary of solar power plant

After the feasibility study 5KW on grid power plant has installed to meet more than 90% of electricity energy need of the house in the Year 2017. 1st Anniversary of Solar Power Plant was Celebrated at the House of Sh. Adarshveer on 22nd Feb 2018 by Cake Ceremony in the shape of Solar Power Plant.

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1st anniversary of solar power plant
Cake Cutting Ceremony
  • 5 KW Solar Power Plant Produced 7500 KWhs @ 1490KWHs/KW/Annum.
  • The system installed by Inter Solar Systems P Ltd. Chandigarh.
  • The system cost is Rs. 3.25 Lac. The client got subside of Rs. 1.00 Lac from HAREDA.
  • The system is annually having more than Rs. 0.60 Lacks in terms of Electrical energy.
  • The customer is also getting Rs. 7500/- as Incentive from Electricity Board @ Rs 1/unit.
  • The system is annually preventing nearly 5 tonnes of CO2 & CO going into the atmosphere.
  • Life of Solar Power Plant is more than 25 Years.
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