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300 Watt Solar Panel Price In India

300 Watt Solar Panel Price In India

300 Watt Solar Panel Price In India – In recent years as people are gradually realizing how cost-effective and environmentally friendly they can be in long run, solar panels have gained popularity in India. Mostly the 300- watt solar panels or more are used by most households and even businesses In India. When you have a budget fixed then choosing the right solar panel becomes more difficult. Hence this article will help you best by providing you the best and needed information on 300 Watt Solar Panel Price In India. 

300 Watt Solar Panel Price In India

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying 300-watt Solar Panel

Here are some of the top factors you need to consider for buying the best solar panel for your area:

  • The type of solar panel you are going to choose
  • Weight of the solar panel
  • The dimensions of the solar panels 
  • Solar panels price 
  • The efficiency of solar panels

300-watt Solar Panel Price In India

  • 325 Watt/ 24 V Poly Crystalline Solar Panel – In India, the 325 Watt/ 24 V Poly Crystalline Solar Panel is available at an approximate price of Rs. 10000 in India. The panel is well protected with a high-strength aluminum frame design which also assists the functioning of the solar panel. 
  • 300 Watt – 24 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Panel – It is available In India at an approximate price of Rs. 10000 and comes with 72- 5BB high-efficiency solar panels. 
  • Mono Perc Solar Panel (370 watt) – These solar panels can run a lot of electric appliances and have boasted of energy. the approximation of its cost is Rs. 11000 – 12000. An area of 40 sq. ft. is must for a single 370-watt. For connection, a 1000 mm long meter cable is provided. The premium MC4 connecting plugs is what makes these solar panels a reliable appliance and ensure a steady connection throughout the day. 
  • Solar Panel (330 watt) – The price of the 330-watt solar panels is as close to Rs. 10000 and it is equal to the average cost of the solar panels offered by most of the companies. 
  • 330 W, 24 V Polycrystalline Solar Panel – These solar panels are last to list and are best to adapt to a 24 V battery. These panels boast an energy capacity of 330 W. To suit Indian Climatic conditions these panels are best as their solar cells are best to work efficiently in low-light conditions. 

Inter Solar Systems | Best Solar Panel Dealer In India 

No doubt there are many solar panel dealers in India but Intersolar has always been the pioneer in the solar world. The company was established in 1997 and has good experience in the solar world. The name inter solar is famous for its quality and highly efficient solar products. Also along with the solar panels the company deals in the manufacturing of solar batteries, solar inverters, solar water heaters, solar water heated swimming pools, solar lights, etc. The company has gained the tag of the best Solar Panel Dealers in India due to the top-notch quality of solar products. Also, the company has gained a good customer base in the past years due to the affordable prices and the post-sale services. 

Why choose Inter Solar System as the best solar panel dealer in India?

Here are some of the top reasons for choosing the Inter solar system as the best solar panel dealer In India.

  • We manufacture top-notch quality solar products that too at affordable prices. 
  • We at Inter solar have employed a team of experts to gain the expertise of manufacturing. 
  • Inter solar system also provides customized solar solutions to the customers.
  • We make sure the timely delivery of the products. 
  • The best thing to note about our top quality is its affordable range. 
  • All our products require very little maintenance.


Hence to generate electricity for all the appliances, A 300-watt solar panel is best for installation on a residential or commercial building rooftop. The price is almost the same and there is some great brand that manufactures these solar panels. Hence get your savings home and invest in solar panels now. 

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