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500 Watt Solar Panel Price in India

500 Watt Solar Panel Price in India

500 Watt Solar Panel Price in India – Solar Energy has become a leading contender in India as its economy experiences rapid growth and also as the world moves towards more environmentally conscious energy production models. Using hydel power, geothermal energy, and wind energy alongside fossil fuels, India has always been at the forefront of renewable energy sources. Due to the various advantages such as savings on electricity bills as well as avoiding power cuts, Solar panels have become increasingly popular in the country. Well, want to know the 500 Watt Solar Panel Price In India? Explore the blog till the end. 

500 Watt Solar Panel Price in India

Frequent power cuts in many Indian Cities and towns forced people to shift to solar panels. 500 W Solar panels are the solar product that is useful in Tier 2 towns and cities where power cuts are common. A small 2 to 3 BHK house in India can be powered up by a 500 W Solar System for 4 to 5 hours. It offers 97 percent inverter efficiency and more than 16 percent module efficiency and has monocrystalline panels. To get each and every pick of the price of 500 W solar panel in India, read the blog till the end. 

Application of 500 W Solar Panel

To power up a small 2 to 3 BHK House In India, the 500 Watt Solar Panel can be used well. Being a fully charged system it can run one television set, ten LED light bulbs, up to two ceiling fans, and charge one laptop or mobile phone in terms of devices.

Price of a 500 watt solar panel in India 2021 

The approximate price of the 500 watt solar panel in India is Rs. 50, 000 but there are also some factors on the basis of which the price can vary. Some of the factors include seller, location, etc. The difference in the prices points towards the difference in the quality, type, and brand of the solar panel you are buying from. Being a nuisance in today’s day and age, where work from home and online schooling has become a regular phenomenon Power cuts, have become quite common in a lot of Tier 2 towns and cities across India 

Also for those who depend on power for work, school, and other activities, the 500 W solar system has turned out to be a great source of relief. Also, the solar panels lessen the burden of high electricity bills and allow you to save up to 1.5 units of electricity per day. 

Inter Solar Systems | The Best Solar Panel Dealer In India 

Being established in 1997, Inter Solar system is one of the leading manufacturers and dealers of solar panels in India. The company has gained good experience in solar manufacturing to date and offers the best solar solutions to customers that too at affordable prices. The best thing to note about the company is that they manufacture high-efficiency solar panels with successful installations. 

Also, they have gained a strong customer base in the market because of the best quality of the solar range they manufacture. Also to ensure better customer satisfaction the company provides 24*7 customer assistance. Along with the solar panels, Inter Solar System also deals in the manufacturing of Solar lights, Solar heated swimming pools, Solar water heaters, and solar evacuated heat systems, etc. 

Why Choose Inter Solar System as the Top Solar Panel dealer In India?

Here are the top reasons for choosing the Inter Solar System as the top solar panel dealer in India.

  • We manufacture the top-notch quality solar panels that too at such an affordable price 
  • We provide 24*7 customer assistance to ensure better customer satisfaction. 
  • Inter solar systems have employed experts to ensure the expertise of manufacturing. 
  • They deliver their super-efficient range in the minimum possible time. 


Hence 500W Solar systems are best to get out of the problem of the power cuts and they fulfill the energy requirements of the 2 to 3 BHK in a very economical range. Hence start cutting short your electricity bills today and invest in solar panels now.

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