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About Us

Inter Solar Systems SINCE 1997 has established its name and entity as one of the most efficient organizations in this field, which pays attention to the holistic utilization of solar energy in the products that it manufactures. The organization consists of extremely talented and experienced personnel and it also possesses fresh minds and energy through the inclusion of young talent as another major source of business and service. In a span of few significant years, Inter Solar Systems has become one of the market leaders in the country due to its continuous efforts and creativity in the field of solar energy equipments.

Beliefs And Values

We have some of the most noble and genuine beliefs supported by extremely strong and truthful working principles. This is the reason that we are highly satisfied with the work we do. Some of the most common aspects and pointers that we stick onto are:

  • We believe that working for the maximum utilization of sustainable energy is something that would be of extreme help in the coming times.
  • We invest a lot in exploring innovative and new ways of the functioning of various products of daily use and solar energy is one such alternative form of energy which could prove to be extremely useful as time goes by.
  • We work towards the integration of all the departments of our organization, so that all of them could work in perfect synchronization and produce various equipments backed by brilliance and splendour.


We have been established as an organization which follows the standards and guidelines laid down by –ISI, MNRE Channel Partner, and ISO and CRISIL.

Principles for Quality

We pay focus towards the various quality related standards, which are as under:

  • We pay complete attention to the quality maintenance in the entire production process.
  • Eliminate obsolete elements in the process and replace them with the latest and the most efficient technology or any other resource.
  • Our work environment goal is to maintain the most hygienic place for our professionals to do their work.
  • We implement various sorts of programs and methodologies to develop and identify a pool of highly capable human resources.

Unique Working Patterns

We have a different and unique working pattern, which is different from the other organizations which are in a similar field of functioning. We pay extreme level of focus and observation on our network in the area of marketing. We believe in equipping ourselves with the most sound and efficient people strength in the various departments of the organization.

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