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Solar Business Franchise | Solar Power Distributorship & Entrepreneurship Opportunity India

Solar Distributorship Opportunity – As the people are shifting towards solar products, investors are also getting interested in this business. Inter Solar Systems PVT. LTD. is a leading company in India which deals with the solar power products. A lot of efforts have to lead our company to reach this place. The core competency of our company is its high quality and advanced solar products. It is serving its customers throughout the country. Whenever you are planning to invest your hard earned money, always go for Inter Solar products. It possesses the following features.

  • Better quality solar products.
  • Quality assurance is there.
  • Inter Solar Systems is having more durable products.
  • All time availability of solar products.
  • Higher output.
  • Different range of solar products.
  • Impressive customer support and services.

Check Complete Solar Business Franchise Dealer Agreement

Inter Solar Systems PVT. LTD. Solar Franchise Business Model

The franchise business is becoming a trend for companies as well as the dealers or distributors. People are investing more and more in franchise business because of its numerous benefits. Inter Solar Systems is also dealing with franchise business and is proving best in this case. The company is able to expand in that case and dealers will be able to earn their livelihood. With our different range of solar products, we are offering franchise partnership in different states of the country.

Inter Solar Systems PVT. LTD. Dealing Areas

Inter solar Systems is executing its operations in different part of the country. We are spreading our business web throughout every state. You can apply for the dealership of solar products in these areas. A list of cities where we are dealing at present are

  1. Solar Franchise in Ludhiana.
  2. Low Cost Solar Business Franchise Himachal Pradesh.
  3. Solar Franchise in Punjab.
  4. Affordable Solar Business Franchise Uttarakhand.
  5. Solar System Franchise Rajasthan.
  6. Best Solar Business Franchise Opportunity Jammu and Kasmir.
  7. Ambala.
  8. Panchkula.
  9. Haryana.
  10. Mohali.
  11. Bihar.
  12. Jameshedpur.

Terms and Conditions for Solar Product Dealership with Inter Solar Systems PVT. LTD.

Whenever you enter into an agreement for a dealership with Inter Solar, you need to follow some terms and conditions.

  • At first, you need to submit Rs 30000 as an initial investment.
  • The charges of solar products will depend upon the LPD capacity and will differ with the case to case.
  • The prices in the agreement will not include the entry tax, octroi and sales tax.
  • It is the dealer who will have to pay for the transportation of material and for insurance also.
  • The installation charges are chargeable either to the dealer or the customer itself.
  • Dealers will not get any overriding commission when it fails at the task of providing products or services to the said party.
  • Solar products are having 5% GST and after the installation of the solar system, 18% GST will be there in the solar system.
  • Revision of prices between principal i.e. Inter Solar Systems and dealer will take place whenever there is a fluctuation in the raw material prices.
  • Dealers will have the benefit of deciding the prices of the solar products in their area of dealing. But excessive higher prices will not be acceptable. It must match the agreed prices between Inter Solar Systems and the dealer.
  • The interest of 15 % per annum will be charged for the delay in payment.

Dealer’s Key Responsibilities

The dealer is a crucial factor in a franchise business. A number of responsibilities will be there on dealer part which he/she needs to perform. Those key responsibilities are

  1. InterSolar is not held responsible for paying the installation and commission charges. Only installation engineer guidance and support will be there for the dealer.
  2. While grouting the solar panels, the dealer has to take a good care and also must be wise enough to take a valuable decision to place it in a right place. The system must be strong enough to stand against the wind speed of 100 km/hour.
  3. The company will not be responsible to pay in that case when systems are notwithstanding well against storms.
  4. After sales service will be provided by dealers with the help of company during the system’s warranty period.
  5. The dealer is subjected to submit a sales report every month to Inter Solar Systems or The report submission must be done within 10 days before month end.
  6. Sub dealer certificate will be issued by only the company, not by the dealer.


The company does the insurance of solar products on the part of the dealer. But there are some conditions which must be fulfilled by the dealer in order to get the insurance of damaged good. The conditions are

  • Immediate intimation to the Principal must be there about damaged goods.
  • An insurance company surveyor will be there to check the damaged goods.
  • Transporter acceptance on GR form.
  • Advertisement expenses are incurred by both dealer and company in 50-50 amount.

We assure you best service and best quality solar products guarantee. Feel Free to contact us for Solar franchise model in India for our solar products anytime. Good Margins Available in Distributorship model of Solar Products.

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