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Cost Of A Solar Swimming Pool

Cost of a solar swimming pool – To heat the pool is a big step because it demands higher electricity bills every month and more maintenance problems. But that not the only way though. Installing solar swimming pools could be another and probably the best way to save your money and worth it. In the following session, we at alfa furniture mentioned the information and cost of the solar swimming pool. For any query call us at 0172-458-9999. Scroll down for more.

Cost Of A Solar Swimming Pool

Consequently, to heat the water inside the pool, a solar blanket will help you to extend the potency of chemical preset in the pool. The blanket for the solar pool looks like a cover made with the large sheet of bubble wraps. In which, the cover helps to allow more sun rays to enter while the air bubbles detect the heat of the pool during the night. That is why the demand for the solar swimming pool is always on high. Here, check out the price of a solar swimming pool below, install them and earn benefits.

Types and costs of solar pool heating system

Every solar pool heating system works on identical principles. Here, the water pumps out of the pool along with the heating system. And back into the pool with a warm temperature. It includes a solar collector, a filter, and a pump. In which solar collector is the device along which the pool water is circulated to be heated by the sun. Then the filter removes the waste before water pumping through the collector.

Al last, the pump works to circulate the water through the filter/collector and send it back to the pool. Although, you’ll find various solar pool heating system that comes along with different operators and advantages. Here mentioned are the types and prices of solar pool water heating systems.

  • A thermal solar collector – This is one of the most common types of the solar heating system also known as solar panels. Usually, they are placed on the top of the roof to consume the sunlight. However, sometimes they can place near to the pool. Further, the most affordable rates of solar collectors are made with rubber and plastic. For which your pool waters pass over them through the tubes. They are not must effective on cooler temperature but can be used in conjunction with other forms of pool heating.

The average rate of 100-gallon solar active indirect hot water heating system rates from Rs. 5,65,844/- to Rs. 7,07,305/- annually.

  • Evacuated tube collector – This heating system is considered to be the most efficient heating system for swimming pools. However, it is more expensive than the thermal system. Likewise, it’ll cost up to 20-100% more than that. This results that your pool will gain warmer temperature quickly. It is the network of small glass tubes withing larger glass tubes to create a vacuum between them. Also, the water can heat to a higher temperature even in a windy climate.

The price for evacuate tube collectors starts approximately Rs. 4,24,353/-

  • Solar pool covers – A solar pool cover is the blankets for the pool to transfer the direct sun’s heat more effectively. A bubble layer form polythene with a thick layer appears to be a solar pool cover. They help to save more sunlight, sometimes it can heat your pool up to 8 Degree Celsius. It saves the water on heat loss and removes chemicals.

Its prices differ between Rs. 1,06,024/- to Rs. 2,14,047/-

Solar Pool Heating System Installation Cost

Solar swimming pool heating system is a broadly used heating system in Northern Indian to heat the pool. A product specially designed for solar pool heater needs a wide area to assemble having 15 years of warranty.

The solar pool heating system usually costs around Rs. 2.1 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs. That means the solar water heating system covers an average cost of 450-550 rupees per day. In which, the average heating system prices Rs. 3.8 lakhs annually.

Its cost differs due to the size of the system, required water temperature, amount of subjection that pool shades. And, at last, the direction needs to face-on the roof.


The installation requires a payback between 1.5 to 7 years as per your local fuel costs. Also, they are last-longer as compared to gas and heat pump pool heaters. We hope you study the swimming pool heater cost in the aforementioned study.

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