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Cost Of Solar Heat Pumps

Cost of solar heat pumps – The solar-assisted heat pumps is a device to define the integration of the heat pump and the thermal solar collectors. Both of them work in a single integrated system. Therefore, if you want to install a solar heat pump in your house or building then you must know the cost of solar heat pumps. Scroll down for more.

The solar technologies are used to heat the water naturally by placing them parallel to each other. Today, solar energy took a better place in this world that causes no side-effect of individuals as well as nature. In the following article, you’ll find the solar water heat pump price. As it is obvious that we all need a system that can heat the water using less electricity without any harm.

Solar energy is the best solution to provide electricity natural and cheaper. A system of heat pump and thermal collector when placed under the sun to consume the sun’s energy. It provides the energy we need to produce hot water and save the heavy electricity bills. For any query regarding the concept, call us at 0172-458-9999 and find the best deals for solar water heat pumps.

How much does solar heat pump cost?

In the process of solar water heat pump, the solar thermal panels work to low the temperature heat source. The heat produced acts as managers to feed the heat pump’s evaporator. Importantly, the main focus of this system is to give high performance to produce efficient energy more economically.

Well, the installation cost of solar heat pumps depends on the system you choose. It means that how many rooms should be heated or cool and the size of the living room.

Moreover, the operating cost of solar heat pumps is less expensive than the traditional system. Unlike gas, oil, and fossil fuels used in most of the house can affect health, solar system make it easier for us to reduce global warming.

The cost for solar water heat pump installation depends on various factors. For example and air-to-air system for one room starts from 35,523 rupees.

  • On the other side, the house units will typically range between 1,42,094 rupees to 5,68,376 rupees. It’ll include the installation charges as well. Importantly, the exact price will depend on factors like the size of your room and energy ratings. Well, the expensive units have higher ratings.
  • Secondly, geothermal pumps which are also known as the ground-to-pumps are more expensive as they’re grounded. The range for ground-to-air pumps ranges between 1,77,617 rupees to 5,32,852 rupees. This range occurs as per the model brands. Additionally, it consists of the installation costs according to the units in the ground.

Some factors that influence the running costs

Generally, there are three basic factors to consider the total air heat pump and running ground source’s cost:

  1. Heat pump’s efficiency
  2. The amount of heat required for your house
  3. The temperature need for the heat source

Essentially, the domestic heat pump efficiency ranges through the manufacture but in limited boundaries. The water source heat pump can have a coefficient performance up to 5 and for air, it drops to 2.5.

Additionally, these values are rare and out of worth. Consequently, the COP (coefficient of performance) value varies from 3.0 to 3.5.

Furthermore, the solar heat pumps’ actual efficiency rate depends on the amount of work to do and the indoor/outdoor temperature difference. Because the closer the environments are, the lesser the heat pump has to accomplish. This occurs due to the desired temperature capacity. Therefore, being more efficient uses a greater amount of energy in a less expensive way.


Additional, the cost of the pump itself, the installation can be influential. Because such type of systems can be used as a refrigerant. The best types of installers are often refrigeration technician that electricians.

Moreover, some will bring both to an installation with many helpers to do so. So, the aforementioned study will help you with solar heat pumps price in India.

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