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Cost Of Solar Lights In India

Cost of solar lights in India – Solar lights are one of the most successful inventions that save more than half of the electricity bills. Also, they just require annual maintenance to be clean. With the increasing pollution, solar energy has become the most in-demand to install everywhere. Purposes like residential, industrial, institutional, etc, need this renewable energy. So, If you’re planning to install the solar light then we stand for you. Here, you’ll come to find the cost of solar lights in India.

Cost Of Solar Lights In India

India, a place where people demand good at a cheaper price, we come brings the best solution for them. This will not just save you electricity bills but also provides a fresh environment. Moreover, solar energy has made the current world totally upgraded with a natural source. It produces natural electricity directly via the sun’s thermal energy. This is what makes it essential to reduce global warming. In the following article, you’ll come to know the solar lights cost in India and make your surroundings fresh to breathe.

Types of solar lights and their costs

Solar lights are for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The main categories of solar lights are Westinghouse solar lights, Dorian solar lights, Morgan solar lights, and Teardrop low voltage landscape solar lights. Generally, the best solar light for both indoor and outdoor purpose is the wireless motion sensor light. They are waterproof and easy to install.

  • LED Solar Outdoor lights – They are equipped with a higher level of security with LED technology to provide excellent light. It should be stored under the sun and later used as electricity. Also, it detects the motion withing 20 seconds at night. This light costs up to Rs. 2,000-3,000/-
  • Solar landscaping light – This is incredibly versatile mounted onto your home or garden in multiple ways. This Baytown outdoor solar light has an incredibly bright white light color to shine greatly in the garden. With this, you can make a brilliant choice economically as well. This light costs up to Rs. 7,000/-
  • Solar power string lights – These solar power light are incredibly bright in copper wire and looks very attractive during day time. String lights are connected with a thing and high-quality copper wires which are very flexible. They are easy to store, operate as well as durable and safe to use. It costs up to – Rs. 1,000/-
  • UR power solar lights 2-in-1 – Such outdoor solar lights are very powerful, rechargeable, and located to in-ground. You can also screw them onto the walls. Importantly, they are waterproof and durable in different weather conditions as well. These are the perfect spot for your garden started automatically detecting night and run through solar-powered lithium batteries. They fee Rs. 2.000/-
  • Wireless UR-power solar lights – They are operated as a motion sensor and powers up to 30 seconds while detecting the night time. The solar light sensor detection takes place up to 26 feet away and works to keep your home safe. The wireless UR-power solar lights are waterproof, rechargeable, and suitable for every weather condition. This price up to Rs. 400-500/-
  • Solar flag pole light – The flag pole lights are also one of the brightest and long-lasting solar lights that are very easy to use. They too automatically detect the illumination when needed and provide a brighter light than ever before. Solar flag pole lights are easy to use and do not even require any tool to assemble. They value Rs. 1500/-
  • Solar Glow Solar garden lights – These lights are manufactured with premium stainless steel. This is what makes them durable, long-maintained and restained to every climatic condition. They can be placed half in the ground to illuminated the path of the road to the individuals. They appear with attractive looks and automatically rechargeable form the sun. They fee up to Rs. 2,700/-

How much do solar street lights installation cost?

You can get the solar installation at your home completely free and can create monthly installments. It can make your monthly electricity billed dramatically reduced. However, a solar lighting system in your house can cost up to 1Lakh 3 Lakhs over the cost of 25 years per light. A solar installation is very simple and affordable.

Generally, a plastic LED type of street lighting system can cost up to Rs. 12,000/- With a warranty of 25 years, it can supply the operating voltage varies up to 12V. Here,m we mentioned some top solar garden lights which can help your house to get a healthy environment.

  • Outdoor solar power LED Motion Sensor – Rs. 699/-
  • Solar LED motion sensor light – Rs. 500/-
  • Emergency hand lamp light bulb lantern rechargeable battery solar power with a torch in copper – Rs. 999/-
  • Emergency solar LED light lantern – Rs. 600-2500/-
  • LED solar light lantern with USB mobile charging – Rs. 1299/-
  • Solar LED wall light pack – Rs. 529/-
  • Portable solar lamp cum solar mobile charger – Rs. 300-1500/-


Coming with the best supply of solar street lighting systems, the production of solar lights become more advanced. A system that is manufactured with a highly expert team. To supply renewable energy needs a better quality of manufacturing. Due to the latest technology the advancement of lights to supply such energy needs a proper rassemblement. For any query call us at 0172-458-9999. We’ll provide you the affordable solar garden lights price.


Till how may years solar lights lasts?

Generally, The LEDs themselves can last ten years or more whereas the batteries in outdoor solar lights can be expected to last about 3-4 years before they will need to be replaced

Do You Leave Solar Lights On Charging?

After switching off the lights leave the charge for 72 hours. If they are not turned on Many solar powered lights will still charge. well you actually allow the battery to get a full charge over several days of sunlight by turning them off.

Is it worth to replace the solar batteries?

As the solar panel converts the sunlight into power to charge the batteries, which in turn powers the light, You need rechargeable batteries in your solar lights. Well replacing the solar lights regularly every year or two is a good idea.

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