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Cost Of Solar Water Heater In India

Cost of Solar water heaters in India – Solar water heaters, the best and eccentric products which consume solar energy to heat up the water. These products are in great use and demand as these are energy preservers and contributes to the environment. The Cost of Solar water heaters in India is different at several manufacturers and dealers. You can check out the list of prices from different dealers and analyze the features of the solar water heaters then select the best one. 
Cost of solar water heater in India
If you are looking to buy the solar water heater online in India and searching for the best prices and product than you can also switch to Inter Solar which is one of the best solar products providers with an optimum price range.

Solar heater’s demand also increasing day by day as both the people and the government is getting more aware about solar products and promoting its benefits as the use of solar products is saving the environment, that is why more and more people are installing these heaters.

Cost Of Solar Water Heaters In India

There are many manufacturers and dealers for solar products in India, the first and the major thing that matters while choosing the heaters for yourself is the quality of the product, its durability, and reliability. After that, the price of the product as everyone wants to spend on the product which is of superior quality. You need to know the solar water heater working well and then operate accordingly.

There are different categories of these heaters and according to that, there are different cost of each heaters. Below is a compiled list of several categories of heaters with their average cost.

Solar batch collector water heaters

The solar batch collector water heaters are the basic type of solar heaters, you can also describe it as a tank under the sunlight. These are also known as “Integrated Collector and Storage” “ICS”. these sort of heaters can provide you enough of heated water without electricity. The average price of  Solar batch collector water heaters starts from 140000/- and so on.

Flat plate collector solar heaters:

FPC systems are metallic long-lasting, In colder regions also this FPC works efficiently and seamlessly. It is slightly expensive and the cost completely depends upon the units.

Capacity (liters per day)   Cost of FPC system (in Rs)
100   22000
200   42000
250   50000
300   58000
350   85000

Evacuated tube collector heating systems

These are preferred in the coolest region with sub-zero temperature these are cheaper than FPC and fragile, these are durable and reliable. Prices are as per units. 

Capacity (liters per day) Cost of ETC system (in Rs)  
100 15000  
200 28000  
250 34000  
300 40000  
350 62000  

Benefits of Solar Water Heater

These are very beneficial, as they heat up the water without any electricity. One can save the cost and environment. As well as it is a solar product it consumes the energy from the sun.  Let us know the many other benefits of them.

  • Helps to cut down the pocket expense.
  • Promotes a clean and healthy environment.
  • Low carbon footprints.
  • Renewable source of energy.
  • Saves the heavy electricity cost.
  • Reduces the carbon dioxide emission.

Hopefully, this information is of great use for you. Now you can make their quality and price comparisons according to the requirement.

Inter Solar for Best Solar Water Heater Deals online in India

Lets know a little about Inter Solar. Because you must know why to choose Inter Solar to buy best solar water heater online at reasonable price range. Our team is focused for manufacturing the best solar products in India.

So that you are here for finding a solar water heater at best prices in India. Inter Solar is the best place to visit once. And the quality will attract you so amazingly that you will love dealing with us again and again. Our quality is successful to place our product at the top in the list of best solar water heater in India 2018. Below mentioned qualities will convince you better to buy solar water heater at decent prices with us.

  • Trustworthy quality as possessing the certifications like ISO, BIS, CE etc.
  • Higher brand value in the market.
  • Best solar product range.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Best customer support.
  • Durable products.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What amount of surmised territory is needed for SWH frameworks?

And so forth type sun based water frameworks for the most part expect near 15ft2 of clean roof space per 100LPD of the introduced framework. In any case, this figure can be totally different for bigger frameworks. For example, a 300LPD framework would need around 40-45ft2 of rooftop space though a 4000LPD framework would require generally 1500ft2.

What amount does it cost to introduce a sun-based water warming framework?

The expense of the sunlight-based water radiator relies upon the size and kind of framework introduced. As a general guideline, the cost differs between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 for each 100LPD of the introduced limit. Plumbing to and from the framework for the most part charged extra at actuals. The expense, in any case, doesn’t increment directly with an expansion in limit; rather it descends proportionately as we go for a higher limit framework.

What is the time needed to finish the SWH establishment?

For a site with clear rooftop access and prepared bay and outlet channeling, Inter Solar master group can convey, introduce and commission a sun-oriented water warming framework in under 5 days.

There is much more perks to avail with Inter Solar. We do care for our customers and their safety. So the products are safe and easier to handle. Therefore you can choose us to buy the best solar water heater at low and affordable price in India.

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