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Heat Pumps

heat-pumpsHeat Pump Manufacturers – Are you in the search for the best heat pump manufacturers? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Heat Pumps is a very versatile product to heat water. Heat Pump utilizes worldwide proven technology to capture heat from the ambient air/water and transferring it to water as per requirement.

Intersolar Product List

Heat Pump is a heat recovery system that generates hot water, chilled water or a combination of hot and chilled water at one energy cost.

Here we move heat from one side to the other. The cost of moving heat is very low as compared to creating heat.This energy saving device helps you to save energy cost by over 65%.

Areas Of Application

Heat pumps can be used in wide range of places ranging from hotels to giant industries. One of the major advantages of using solar water heating pumps is that they are environment-friendly. Other electrical devices not only enhance your electricity bill but also have an adverse effect on the Environment and surroundings. Below listed are some of the areas where you can use heating water pumps.

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Diary
  • Industry
  • Residential Building
  • Swimming Pools.

Demand of Water heating pumps in India

There has been an increase both in the usage and production of these solar products. Solar heat pumps are very effective and beneficial at the same time. Now, we can see more number of residents and industries choosing solar products over electrical because of the numerous benefits. It is expected that the demand will definitely increase more in the coming few years. So, if you still do not use them then this is the right time to use it now.

Advantages of Heat Pump

Now, you might be wondering about the benefits of using heat pumps. Well, there are certainly plenty of them. There is a rapid increase seen in the usage of the heat pumps in the past few years because of the unlimited benefits it has to provide. Below listed are some of the perks of water heating pumps that will definitely compel you to use them right now.

  • An energy saving device that saves energy cost by over 65%.
  • Allowed 80% DEPRECIATION under Income-tax Act.1961
  • Easy to install and occupies less floor space.
  • Environment-friendly as there is no carbon emission.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Heat pump system can provide hot water temperature up to 80°C.
  • Caters to any capacity needs.
  • Heat Pump is a fully automatic machine.

Why should you choose Intersolar System to buy heat pumps?

If you are looking for that perfect product that lasts long without any trouble then we could be the best option or you. We are established and reputed manufacturers in the Solar industry that are known to make quality products. We are in service since a long time now. There are sure many manufacturers and suppliers of heat pumps but what makes us different is our impeccable products and services. So, go ahead and choose us over anyone to get the best heat pumps. Another reason to choose us is our cost effective water pumps availability, unlike other companies and manufacturers.

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