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Hotel Hemkunth The First Hotel in Himachal Running On 100% Solar Power Energy

Hotel Hemkunth The First Hotel in Himachal Running on 100% solar Power Energy – It is nothing less than a pride to share that Inter Solar systems installed 10 KW Solar Power Plant in Hemkunth Hotel. This is the first hotel in Himachal Pradesh that runs on solar energy. The hotel industry is one of the industries which utilize a lot of energy. But our company has managed to contribute towards the environment in making this hotel run completely on solar energy

Hotel Hemkunth The First Hotel in Himachal Runnning on 100% solar Power Energy

Using the electrical energy not only harm the environment but also creates a large hole in your pocket because of the extravagant bills. And this is quite common for the hotels both normal and luxury. Solar energy is one of the best energies to use that will not only minimize your bills but will also contribute towards the betterment of the environment.

What are the perks that Hemkunth Hotel is getting after going completely solar?

Solar power systems drive clean and pure energy from the sun. After installing the solar power plant in the hotel they are experiencing a lot of benefits on a regular basis. They help in combat the greenhouse gas emissions and also reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. But this does not limit to be the only benefits, below listed are some of other perks to check out.

  • Solar power plant definitely is way more inexpensive than the electrical energy and products.
  • Solar Module life more than 25 years.
  • They are easy to use and are also renewable.
  • After installing the solar energy plant they are experiencing 0% electricity bill.
  • Also, with the installment of solar power plant, they have contributed to the environment in a number of ways.
  • Unlike electrical energy, you do not have to worry about the short circuits.
  • Also, one of the major perks of installing them is they are cheap and affordable which is not only effective but also lasts really long.

What are the major aims of Intersolar System?

Most of the solar companies just manufacture products keeping profits in their minds. However, we are a group of people that manufacture the products to contribute our level best to the betterment of the environment.

We aim to make every resident, industry, hotels etc to go completely solar. One of the other reasons to choose our company is that we make quality and affordable solar products with Guaranteed Payback Period.

Electrical equipment is expensive and not everyone can afford them. Therefore, solar products are nothing but a blessing to the people and also to the earth’s condition. We believe in providing quality products at the promised time to the customers. Customer’s satisfaction, high- quality products, better services are some of our major goals that we focus on.


Hotel Hemkunth is already enjoying their benefits after installing the Solar Water Heating System since 2004 and now Solar Power Plant.

You can also contribute your part by installing the solar products in your house, or anywhere. Inter Solar has a variety of solar products that can be installed anywhere. So, go ahead and choose the products from us. And move to a cleaner, better and renewable energy today.

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