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How can Solar water heating system help you for cut your fuel bills?

Solar water heating system is a great invention of man-kind. It smartly utilizes the solar radiations that incidents on earth surface to heat the stored water.

We are blessed with abundant solar energy that too at no cost. Then why not make use of the devices invented by human beings to make the most of this free solar energy and cut our fuel bills. Solar water heating system is an outstanding device that consists of a collector to collect the solar radiations and an insulated storage tank to store hot ater. The solar radiations incident on the collector then transfer heat to the underneath riser pipes from where the water is passed. The water passed through these riser pipes gets heated up and transfer the hot water to the storage tank.This device is capable of raising the temperature of water upto 80 degree Celsius on a hot sunny day.

Two types of Solar Water Heating Systems are available in the market: Closed Loop System and Open Loop System. In closed loop system, heat exchangers are installed to protect the system from atmosphere (cold temperature or hard water) while the other one is open to atmosphere and is relatively inexpensive to install.

All it requires is selecting the right system for your home, space for installation, one time installation charges and almost zero maintenance cost with 5 to 10 years warranty. Once installed, your water heating expenses will be reduced upto 90% as compared to the gas and electricity consumption. All thanks to Solar energy which is available free of cost at all the places across the globe.

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