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How Useful Is Solar Lighting System

Features of Solar Lighting System

The Lighting systems which are getting electricity from Solar Panels are popularly identified as Solar Lighting System. Solar can be used for a number of applications but the two main categories are Producing Electricity – Photovoltaic Solar Panels (PV) and Solar Panel Collectors.

Photovoltaic solar panels (PV) can generate electrical energy whether the weather is cloudy or sunny but could not generate at night. However, the more sunlight helps a solar panel to produce more electricity. The duration of day will also affect how much electricity a solar panel can produce, meaning that summer months with longer days are a better time for charging the all important instruments. Solar yard lights generate and store their own power in the day and release it at night.

PV solar panels generate environmentally clean, safe electricity in the form of Direct Current (DC) electricity similar to that released by batteries. I was doubtful that How Useful is Solar Lighting System during winter or rainy season but a Customer care executive of solar system supplier clarified my doubts. At nighttime and during the winter or rainy season, less sunlight reaches the panels and converts to energy. The good news is that no need to be worried in most cases, since solutions are out there. If power is required at night or on winter, energy can be stored through utility grid or a battery bank.

The utility grid is used simultaneously with solar power and the battery bank and it can convert solar energy into electricity. Although the battery bank works well and has been successful and globally used by primary environments, lots of people have opted out of this option because they could not realize it as necessary. If you have a yard and have planned about lighting it at night, then you must have heard about solar yard lights. They are still pretty expensive, but the advantage of this kind of light is that you don’t have to arrange any wiring for them.

These lights are very much interesting because they are looking like mini-satellites. They produce and store their own electricity during the day and release it at night. This is just like a satellite that stores solar energy during sunny days and then uses that energy when night time. Solar powered street lights are ideal examples on use of solar energy. These solar street lighting projects are running in UAE, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Some European and American cities are currently running these projects.

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