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Importance of installing Solar Water Heating System for your home

It is said that that more solar energy hits the earth in an hour than is being utilized in an entire year. Sun is a free and abundant source of energy available on earth that can be taken advantage off by offsetting your own solar water heating system at home. It is the best cost-effective and conventional way to harness the solar energy and protect yourself from the rising fuel prices, be it gas or electricity.Installing a solar water heating system at your home not only provides you with clean energy to heat the water, safety from bathroom accidents from electrical water heaters, low maintenance costs, and save space as well as these are installed on rooftops.

With respect to the life cycle of solar water heating system, it is said that the energy spent on the manufacturing and installation of the device is recouped in approximately 1year while the payback time of the system varies from a few months to 3 years. The cost of damage by pollutants to the solar water heating systems and environment is negligible as compared the the devices usingĀ  electricity, diesel or other kind of fuel. Thus, it is considered that the solar water heating systems and other deices based on solar energy offer significant protection to the rising fuel prices, environment and can be employed whenever and wherever possible to achieve a sustainable future.

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