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A solar panel technology efficiency certification (EPC) or more famously known as solar EPC is a requirement for a property owner who plans to put his real estate or for rent. This certification provides for individual extensive details on the changes that he can apply to his house to make it more power efficient. This certification can also give actions that must be taken by the latest property owner or house tenant in order to reduce power intake as well as co2 pollutants.

There are three actions that the property owner will go through to obtain a solar EPC. These actions consist of a study, record of power efficiency and the suggestions.

The first step to acquire a certification is the power evaluation study performed by the recognized assessor from the Household Energy within the residence. This means that the study is performed both inside and outside the given residence. There are several factors that will be interviewed and including the construction of the roof as well as the surfaces and the presence of hole wall insulating material. The study details also consist of the lifestyle and the date of installation of replacement windows and the number of fire places, both open and shut. Some other details taken consideration of the study are the insulating material and width of the rood and the use of low-energy lights. Other key elements in the study are the exact year that the residence was constructed, the residence structure and the statistic of both internal and exterior areas.

What should a property owner expect from the certificate? There are two factors that the certification is made up of. The first is the detailed review on the co2 pollutants and power utilization while the second is a suggestions review. Both power utilization and co2 exhaust are calculated according to efficiency and evaluated by using the A to G rating system wherein A is the highest rating of efficiency while G is the lowest.

It is a given fact that co2 is a Green house gas which is one of the members to climatic change on the planet. It also causes changes in sea and temperature levels which often result to global heating. The EPC will suggest that the property owner is designed to reduce the exhaust of co2 to reduce the impact of such Green house gas to the environment.

When it comes to power utilization, the EPC provides to the property owner the house’s current energy-efficiency and the possible energy-efficiency if developments are installed within his residence.

There are three essential details that are taken consideration in the suggestions review. First on the list of recommended factors are recommended improvement to reduce both power intake and co2 exhaust. Second is the calculated savings that a property owner or a house tenant will have if he is applicable the suggestions. And finally, the expected changes in both power utilization and co2 exhaust. Some of the recommendations that may be involved in the solar EPC are reducing use of water, set up of low-energy utilization lights, whole surfaces as well as pipe joints and aquariums.

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