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Selective Coating : The worlds most advance continuous black chrome coating improves the collectors effciency.

Ultra Sonic : Ultra Sonic fin & tube ensures a very high degree of thermal efficiency & thermal stability.

Toughened Solar Glass : More than 92% Transmittance in toughened glass gives high efficiency & superior protection.

Insulation : Rock Wool/Puf having low conductivity is used to minimize the heat loss.

Exclusive Closed circuit system : Incorporate failsafe low Cost Freeze protection developed to with stand harsh winter climates.

Stainless Steel Solar storage Tank : Inter Solar manufacture lifetime corrosion resistant stainless steel tanks. However large tanks are made of Mild Steel with special epoxy coating.

Sacrificial Anode : Sacrificial anode used for ultimate tank life and durability.

Hot Water all year Round : A highly efficient gas/electric bootser used for cloudy /foggy days.

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