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Tag: Solar Water Heating System

Solar Water Heater Franchise In Arunanchal Pradesh

Solar water heater franchise in Arunachal Pradesh – Are you starting up solar franchise business? Do you want to work with a solar water franchise in Arunachal Pradesh? Then you’re in the right place. Because we at Inter solar is one of the best solar water heater distributors in Read More

Solar Water Heater Franchise In Manipur

Solar water heater franchise in Manipur – Solar water heaters are the most effective and cheaper way to supply energy. It is a great system for commercial and economical growth. Further, it reaches almost 30 Watts of energy to produce in India at present. Because people are aware enough of … Read More

Benefits of Solar Water Heating System

Being a renewable source of energy and free of cost, sunlight offers the best deal with solar water heating systems. India being a hot country provides adequate conditions to make the most of the solar water heating device to reduce our dependence of other types of fuels. The system works … Read More

Solar Heating System Made Compulsory

Solar Heating System saves your energy expenses!

Utilization of solar water heaters is being mandatory in places both private and govt. ones which need hot Water for processing, medical, hotels, shopping malls, guest houses, Industries, social complexes, set up by group housing welfare societies, residences etc. This is applicable to … Read More

Is Solar Hot Water System is useful Home Apartment?

As a house owner you must have many questions in your mind such as:

1. Will solar work in winter?

2. Will solar energy reduce electricity bill?

Inter Solar System has brought clarification to above doubts by providing the details as given below:

Benefits of Solar Hot Systems for Apartments!Read More

Cheap Hot Water Just Add Inter Solar

Global famous Solar Energy System

The use of solar water heaters in homes, factories and offices provides very much benefit to individuals and companies with a low cost and very no damage to the environment. As per Global analysis on Solar System in India including USA, Germany, Spain, where solar … Read More

Commercial Banks Give Priority to Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heaters in India are growing at an average growth rate per year of more than 16% driven by the following factors

  • Growing urbanization and buildings of new homes
  • Save Electric expenses
  • Government helps for this Eco Friendly product.
  • Comfortable swimming pools

The market for water heating system in … Read More

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