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Promoting Solar Energy Use Through Local Development Regulations 2014

Various Benefits of Solar Energy

The rising cost of electricity has created the need to look toward cheaper sources of energy. Solar radiation is a free, clean and inexhaustible energy source. INTER SOLAR SYSTEM is now Promoting Solar Energy Use through Local Development Regulations 2014 all over India. Simultaneously though, its use for urban and semi-urban applications is also growing by the day. The Indian RE program was amongst the first few such programs to shape up globally. Since then, it has assumed respectable market leadership position in a few areas more solar water heating system. Solar Energy products like solar water heater are now widely being used in India and other parts of the world.

Contribution of Solar energy system towards Electricity

A single electric geyser contributes between 30% and 50% towards your monthly electricity bill. Most industry experts expect that growth will accelerate as prices electricity is continuously increases. The solar systems are water pre-heat systems for the building’s present water heating system However for new building it is complete to meet hot water requirement with in built electric heating element. If there are multiple days of cloudy weather with no sun will be continuing to get hot water from the solar water heater as in built electric heating element is standard fitment in all the solar system.

Finance and Bank Loans facilities for Inter Solar Systems

Now a day the solar industry has been growing faster; and the growth is spread between commercial, industrial and residential water heater, according to the Solar Electric Power Association. By the end of last year, the number of customer-sited photovoltaic systems in the India topped 300,000, the association says.

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