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Inter Solar Provides complete engineering & Contracting Service for Domestic,Solar Water Heating System,Commercial Solar Pressurised Water, Swimming pool water heater system, Commercial & Industrial solar projects. This offer our customers distinct advantages

  • Lower prices
  • Direct Feedback
  • Singlel source responsibility
  • Unparalled systems experience

Inter Solar Provides

  • Solar Feasibility Studies:- We provide a simplified design & economic analysis at relatively low cost for client considering a solar installations.
  • Computer system Simulations:- We advice owners exactly how much heat a solar installations will supply at a given site and the percentage reduction of total heating costs.
  • Contract system designs:- We provide complete design specification and tender documents for the public or select tender of contract installations.
  • Monitoring and performance Evaluation:- We provide monitoring and performance evaluation of installed solar projects to confirm system performance and energy delivery.
  • Domestic Solar Water Heater, Solar Air Heating Equipments, Solar Water Heating System, Commercial Solar Water Heating System
  • Automatic controls:- We provide fully automatic PLC with digital boards designed for forced circulation systems.


Provisions & Prefeasibility

  • Shadow free south facing area for collector
  • Cold water tank at 7ft. height from roof level
  • Insulations of piping from solar to user point is mandatory
  • Dedicated separate insulated hot water line from solar bathrooms
  • Site prefeasibility is required for better designing
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