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Solar Business Opportunities In India

Solar Business Opportunities in India– The growing need for energy resources and shifting our reliance from fossil fuels as energy sources to eco-friendly power sources has raised the demand for solar-powered equipment to take over. India has also energy companies that make utilization of solar power. here, this post guides the reader on Solar Business Opportunities in India.

Solar Business Opportunities In India

Essentially, Solar power is recognized as the best source of green energy. Also, the solar energy industry is divided into three categories. These classes are solar for home purposes, solar for business uses, and solar for power plants. Now, let us take a brief look at the blog below. Here, you will dome to find out the best solar business ideas.

How is Solar business Profitable to India?

Solar energy serves to be the best energy backup in urban areas, office buildings. Schools are now powered with solar energy that converts into electricity for consumption by various electronic devices and to cook the eatables in the canteen. Rural and Urban sectors are being provided with electricity through solar energy. With so many opportunities, the solar business in India is sure to be successful and profitable. 

Best Solar Business Opportunities in India

Some of the recognized and untapped options are opportunities for the solar energy business in India are listed below-

Solar energy auditing

A solar energy audit is to determine the energy requirement of your client. This opportunity is for people with rich knowledge about the energy crisis and how to fulfill energy needs. This is a basic requirement when anyone is interested in the installation of solar panels at their property. This business demands a small scale investment for a startup. An auditor can be a salesperson that will market conservation of our planet by relying on natural and renewable energy sources like solar power and will suggest ways to control and limit their energy consumption.

Manufacturing Solar products

As many clients from India purchase solar panels and devices that are made in China. You can own up the market shares with your high-end quality solar products.  It is a capital intensive opportunity. You may manufacture solar panels and equipment that are solar-powered. This may seem like a big investment to manufacture at the start, but with the growing demand for solar products, you are sure to earn big profits. 

Solar Panel Installation

As more and more people are embracing solar energy, you can easily fire up a solar panel installation with a moderate level of investment. Also, you must have good knowledge and technical skills in installing solar panels. This business can be a very profitable opportunity. The investment is needed for inventory, staffing, and marketing. 

Distribution of Solar products

Traders are always in demand for sales of finished goods. The same is for solar products. Starting a distribution business in the solar energy sector can be a perfect business opportunity in India. Once you have found a reputed company in solar products that require distributors in your area. You can then start earning on trade. Further with IEC (Import Export Code) Number, you can start importing from other countries and start selling in your region.

Solar Project Consultants

As a consultant, you are required to supervise, monitor, and make recommendations at the time of the solar installation project. You are needed to guide the people through the entire process of the solar installation project. You can either work independently or work in a consultancy firm.

Solar cleaning and maintenance services

This business requires low investment to start. The investment will be spent on efficient cleaning solutions, managing work staff. Dirty solar panels do not work properly. Your cleaning agency can also provide maintenance services too if your staff has technical skills in panels repair.

Develop & Own Solar Projects

You can also develop your solar projects. You simply need to put up a team of professionals with expertise in solar energy and equipment. Use your experience in completing solar projects by forming and implementing a good business plan, raising money, and then building it.


Here, these are the solar power business opportunities in India. India has great potential for solar energy due to geographical advantages. The nearing equator location of the Indian subcontinent ensures all year guarantee for solar radiation. Starting a solar business in India is a lucrative opportunity for budding Indian entrepreneurs. Solar thermal, photovoltaics can effectively harness the capabilities of solar radiation and conversion into heat and electricity.


Is Starting Solar Business Profitable?

Being one of the most profitable businesses in today time, solar business not only in present but in furture as well will have profitability at a top position.

What Questions To Ask From Solar Company?

Here are some questions you must ask from a solar company- what panels they quote, do they keep the kilowatt capacity in mind, financing options they offer, etc.

On what basis should you choose a solar company?

Before choosing the company check the following points:

  1. Expertise
  2. Licenses and insurance
  3. Track record and experience
  4. Reputation in the market

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