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Solar Heated Swimming Pool

Isothermal Pool Covers Saves Pool Equipment Extends Pool Life

solar-swimming-poolInter Solar provides isothermal covers keeps heat in & dirt out ,your pump and filter operates only few hours a day. That saves substantially on your electric bill and helps equipment last up to three times longer. The cover also extends the life of your pool. By reducing evaporation, it consequently reduces the amount of calcium and mineral deposits. That means fewer acid washings and less need for replastering.

Solar Swimming Pool heating system significantly reduces swimming pool heating cost.

» They are cost competitive with both gas and heat pump pool heaters.
» They have very low annual operating cost.
» In fact solar pool heaters is the most cost effective use of solar energy in many climates.


working-Inter-solar-pool-heInter Solar Pool Heating System works on the principle of Black Body absorption. The selective coatings used in solar collector absorbs Solar Radiation and convert it to Heat Energy. The heat collected by collector is then exchanged through heat exchanger to Swimming Pool. The Temperature inside the pool rises and monitored by the automatic sensor and control panel. The beauty of the system is that it works on partially cloudy days.

Inter Solar Swimming Pool Heating System is energy saving and eco friendly way of heating Swimming Pool.

Inter Solar maintains the Swimming Pool Water to comfortable temperature of 26+2 C round the clock during winter season.

Over the years, we continuously improved and redefined the original design. With extensive testing & innovation Inter Solar System is the Finest automatic Pool Heating system in India.


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