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Solar Heating System Made Compulsory

Solar Heating System saves your energy expenses!

Utilization of solar water heaters is being mandatory in places both private and govt. ones which need hot Water for processing, medical, hotels, shopping malls, guest houses, Industries, social complexes, set up by group housing welfare societies, residences etc. This is applicable to residential buildings developed on 500 sq. yard area and above and falling within the limits of municipal corporations, committees and development authority sectors, etc. Schools, colleges, hostels, technical, vocational education institutes, universities, community centers, etc, should also have the Solar Water Heating System.

Inter Solar system collector models evolved over the years using in-house technology developments. Today our solar collector along with selective coating technology offer the most effective solar solution available in India for our extreme operating conditions from -35°C to 50°C

To control power crisis in the nation, especially in Haryana, Solar Heating System Made Compulsory by Haryana State Electricity Board in new buildings. Accordingly, residents who installing solar heaters in their newly constructed buildings will not be eligible to get power connection. The energy department has issued a notice to all electricity supply companies, Huda to this effect. A single 2 metre solar collector on the roof of a home can reduce its water-heating bills up to 65 per cent a year, according to government average estimates.

Using solar water heating can help keep electric expenses down by reducing electricity demand during the morning & evening times from 6 a.m to 10 a.m and 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. when people often use hot water for washing dishes, taking showers, and so forth. To fulfill this morning & evening peak demand, less efficient electricity generation units must be brought on-line by the power companies. These less efficient units cost more to run and this increase in cost is passed on to consumers. Solar geysers, manufactured, installed and serviced by India’s leading solar company at affordable prices.

In India Inter Solar’s leading solar heating system and geysers factory is there to obtain a first-hand impression of India’ most advanced solar geysers manufacturing company, where new , world-first solar technologies are evolved.

Solar geysers are fabricated using the world first Double-Welding system; a ground breaking manufacturing technique, using welding systems enabled external as well as internal welds providing unmatched weld strength and quality. This unique and excellent welding technique in combination with top quality stainless steel produces solar storage tanks guaranteed to provide long lasting service under the most strenuous working conditions. Now a day most state Govt. electricity supply department prefers Solar Heating System Made Compulsory for new building.
If you need most efficient Solar heating system in India, then don’t forget to contact Inter Solar

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