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Solar Light Dealers In Faridabad

Solar Light Dealers In Faridabad

Solar light dealers in Faridabad – Solar lights are playing the key role in today’s era, as it is a great contribution towards the environment and preservation of fossil fuels or non-renewable energy resources. Solar lights run with the consumption of natural resources like the sun. This is extremely beneficial in all the aspects, and we at Inter Solar provides the best solar lights with great quality as we are the best solar light dealers in Faridabad.

Solar Light Dealers In Faridabad

The rising pollution and health issues have turned the current situation to the worst and installing solar lights would be a great idea in order to save the environment and humankind. Moreover, these solar lights will cut down the heavy electricity bills as well which is one of the best advantages of solar lights. Scroll down to know more about solar lights.

Advantages of Solar Lights

When it comes to using solar energy it always offers great benefits, from saving the environment against global warming to saving the electricity bills solar products always serves the best. here below are few more benefits of solar lights:


The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) discovered through research that if solar was a world-wide energy solution, solar adoption would significantly reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, and health-harmful emissions, reducing pollution and degradation of land through drilling and fracking. The amount of Carbon Dioxide emitted by all the street lights in the US is equivalent to the annual emissions of 26 million vehicles. Pollution affects us in more ways than we immediately think, but solar is significantly better for the environment and public health.


With the installation of solar lights do not bother about the, again and again, the maintenance process. An occasional cleaning to get obstructions off of the panels, battery replacements, but not much else. Traditional lighting fixtures (High-Pressure Sodium typically) require more frequent replacements, one every 5 years. It’s the proper combination of certain technologies that are rated to last a long time with small upkeep for each functioning component that keeps our lights shining. Less maintenance means less time and money spent.


The latest lighting fixtures, the GS-260 Pro, 290D, and the NSDB Pro, are 15% more efficient with light than their previous models. Coupled with deep-cycle lead-acid batteries rated to last 5-7 years. The best equipment on the market, and every few years our engineers find ways to improve efficiency and costs. Every new model gets better

Increasing demand for solar light dealers in Faridabad

One of the biggest city in Haryana with 14 lakhs of population Faridabad possess the great demand for solar lights. This city comes among the cities in India by GDP comparison. The people of the city are getting more and more aware of the usage of solar lights or products. So, they like to hire the best dealer. And in this aspect, we at Inter Solar is one of the best solar street light suppliers in Faridabad.

Why Us?

Inter Solar system Pvt. Ltd. is the leading company that deals with solar products nationally. We stand at the top as the best Solar light dealers in Faridabad Further, we produce the top quality solar products and install them correctly. This is all done with the help of our professional manufacturers and energy distributors.

  • With a team of highly professional manufacturers.
  • Our strong network makes us the best solar street light brands in India.
  • We provide the superlative quality of solar lights and products.

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