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Solar Light for Home Price

Solar Light for Home Price

Solar Light for Home Price –  For home purposes solar lights is best. The best the thing to note about solar lights is that they do not cause pollution and are very safe in the context of the environment. Also, the solar lights help in saving the long electricity bills that are attracted by the normal lights. Hence the solar lights are beneficial for both the environment as well for our pocket. Now you may be confused about Solar Light For Home Price. Don’t worry we have covered every inch of the topic in this blog.  

Solar Light for Home Price

Solar light for home is a responsibility to providing the illumination power from the sun also is a brilliant idea. The sun’s energy is converted directly into electricity with the help of the solar cells in the solar system and this electricity is used for lighting as well when required. But solar lights are themselves the devices being operated on the solar lights. The solar cells inside the solar lights convert the sunlight into electricity to light up. 

Solar Light For Home Price 

The price of the solar light depends on the factors such as brand, capacity, etc. The price varies as the brand changes and the capacity. Here are the different capacities of the solar lights and their prices:

  • 18 W Solar Lightning system: The approx price for the 18 W solar lightning system is Rs. 5990. To run the CFL’s the solar lightning system uses sunlight. 
  • 20 W Solar Lightning system: The approx price for the 20 W Solar Lightning system is Rs. 7990. For small houses, a 20 watt solar light for home and home solar systems is best. With the help of this system, You can charge your mobile. In a 20 watt solar lighting system You will also get 2 nos. of LED. It takes 6 hours to charge and serves 4 hours backup time. 
  • 30 W Solar Lightning system: The approx price for the 30 W Solar Lightning system is Rs. 9990. You will get a 40 Ah solar battery which provides you backup when required in a 30 watt home solar lighting system or solar light for the home.
  • 75 W Solar Lightning system: The approx price for the 75 W Solar Lightning system is Rs. 19990. To power, your medium-size home, a 75 watt solar lighting system and solar light for home is the best option. You will get a solar panel, solar inverter, solar battery, etc in the 75 watts home solar system. It facilitates the running of both AC and DC Load. 

Benefits of Solar Lights 

  • Economical: As the energy provided by the sun is free of cost hence you can enjoy the power savings of 30% on your electricity bills. Also at zero running cost, you can enjoy the longer backup lighting system. 
  • Non-Polluting: The system is energy neutral and an absolutely clean source of illumination as it uses Sun’s Renewable energy. Also, half-ton of carbon dioxide per annum is reduced by the 1 kW solar system. 
  • No Maintenance: Reducing the risk of breakage the solar lights do not have movable parts. Hence after use, it lasts for a long time and requires less attention. 

Inter Solar System | Best Solar Lights Dealer In India

Inter Solar System is one of the best solar lights dealers in India. The company is serving in the solar world since 1997 and has great experience in solar world manufacturing. Also, they manufacture top-notch quality solar products that too at affordable prices. Along with the solar lights the company also manufactures and deals in solar-heated swimming pools, solar panels, solar water heaters, solar pumps, etc. The company is best at the innovative approaches it makes. The company has gained a good customer base because of highly innovative and top-quality products that too at such affordable prices. 

Why Choose Inter Solar Systems as the best Solar Lights Dealer In India?

Here are some of the top perks of Choosing us as the Top Solar Lights dealer in India.

  • Inter Solar systems is a team of professionals, hence all products are manufactured under the required expertise. 
  • We promise to deliver our highly efficient range at the minimum possible time. 
  • All our products are available in such an affordable range.
  • We offer better customer satisfaction and provide 24*7 customer service. 


Hence these are the list of the prices of the Solar Light For home. Hence invest in solar lights today and save bucks from going into electricity bills. 

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