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Solar Module Manufacturers In Punjab

Solar Module Manufacturers In Punjab

Solar Module Manufacturers In Punjab- Solar modules are gaining a good ranking day by day. This is because of its immense benefits and qualities. Solar modules are the best source to derive electricity from. As they use renewable sources of energy to produce electricity. There are a lot of solar module manufacturers across India. But not every company has the caliber to hold your investment well.

Solar Module Manufacturers In Punjab

Dwelling in Punjab and confused about the best solar module manufacturer to deal with? Don’t worry we have a list of top solar module manufacturers of Punjab. Investing in them can get you the best returns for each rupee invested. 

“Solar investment is not a frequent investment” while making mind to buy solar modules you must keep in mind that it Is a one-time long-term investment. Hence there is a need to invest carefully and smartly to get the best for what you spend.

What are solar modules?

Solar modules help in converting the sun rays into heat and electricity. They contain Photovoltaic cells arranged in a framework for an installation. The work of the photovoltaic cells is to convert the light from the sun in form of sun rays into electricity. 

Why solar modules?

Now you may be confused about why to invest in solar modules? If so then here are some of the listed benefits that are enough in themselves to attract your investment. 

  • Zero negative impact on the environment
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Reduces the greenhouse effect
  • Reduces the electricity bills
  • Good capacity of producing energy during peak hours i.e. daytime
  • Can be applied anywhere even in remote areas as all it needs is good sunlight to function.

Solar Module Manufacturers In Punjab

There are a lot of solar module manufacturers in Punjab. But investing in the best manufacturing company can get you high returns and satisfaction on money spent. Some of the best Solar module manufacturers in Punjab are:

Inter Solar Systems 

Serving us since 1997, Inter Solar Systems has a renowned name in the world of solar panel manufacturing companies. They are well known for their innovative range of solar products. Manufacturing the best capacity solar modules, they are the leading solar module manufacturers. They have also gained the position of leading marketer because of their continuous efforts towards innovation. 

Products they deal in?

Inter Solar Systems deals in the manufacturing of:

  • Solar evacuated tube system
  • Heated Swimming Pool solar operated
  • PV Lightening System
  • Solar Water Heating System Manufacturers
  • SPV Module Manufacturers

Why choose us?

You can choose Inter Solar Systems as your solar investment destination as:

  • They provide delivery of their highly efficient products as early as possible
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Inter solar is a team of employed professionals, hence all products are manufactured with the expertise
  • An innovative range of products 
  • They manufacture products with high safety standards


The Solarium is also one of the leading solar module manufacturers of Punjab. They manufacture highly efficient solar modules and other solar thermal and PV products. Solarium is the best manufacturing tailor-made solar energy solutions. They deal in the manufacturing of Solar Water Heating systems, solar street lights, solar power plants, solar traffic signals, solar inverters, etc.

Why choose us?

The benefits of investing in Solarium are:

  • Top-quality standard products
  • Best customer satisfaction appeals
  • Provides pre-investment consultancy
  • Professional post-installation services 

Wolta Power System 

Wolta Power System is one of the best solar module manufacturers in Punjab. They are best at manufacturing the solar street light system as they believe that street light is imperative to boost the safety and security of the drivers. They have eliminated the problem of heavy electricity consumption.

Why choose us?

The reasons for investing in Wolta Power Systems are:

  • Better customer satisfaction 
  • Highly safe products
  • Solar panels at affordable prices 
  • High quality, reliable, and guaranteed solar panels

Universal Solar Energy

Universal Solar Energy also runs on top of the list of best solar panel manufacturing companies in Punjab. It is best at manufacturing friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective products. They deal in the manufacturing of residential solar and commercial solar systems. 

Why choose us?

The benefits of buying from Universal Solar Energy are:

  • They manufacture highly reliable products
  • Safety is their priority 
  • Affordable products 
  • They only use CEC accredited installers and proven products. 

These al are the best solar module manufacturers of Punjab in which you can invest without giving a second thought. 

Solar energy has emerged as one of the cleanest and the greenest sources of energy. Hence if you wish to attain a green future, we are with you providing you solar panels as the best source of energy.

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