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Solar Panel Franchise In Meghalaya

Solar panel franchise in Meghalaya – Solar energy, one of the most useful energies that converts light into electricity. This is the greatest invention in the history of the era. An Eco-friendly system that helps to reduce the environment. Such conversion of light can help economic growth by saving 70% of your electricity bills. And with the help of a solar panel franchise in Meghalaya, you’ll get to offer multiple job opportunities. Now, read the following article carefully.

While searching for a solution that saves electricity and the environment, Solar energy will be the first one. Because it is made with a natural conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy. And doesn’t even harm individuals’ health. Moreover, having a 2,000 sp.ft. house that runs up to 4,000 W. So, depending on the size of solar panel you choose, you need at least 12-18 solar panels to light up your house. Also, you’ll be surprised to know that one solar panel lasts over 25-30 years but requires annual maintenance. Now, take a look at the following session about the solar panel franchise in Meghalaya.

Solar panel working mechanism

The solar panel working mechanism runs in such a systematic way to supply the electricity in the house. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to produce energy. In this, solar panels when place under the direct heat of the sun absorbs the energy. Also, the sunlight consumes by the battery of solar panels capable enough to provide electricity throughout the entire night.

Moreover, solar panels comprise smaller units of photovoltaic cells. It carries photons to attack the electron and generate electricity with the help of DC. This energy does not produce air pollution, water pollution, or even greenhouse gases. Because generating electricity with solar panels instead of fossil fuels can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also, reduces the carbon footprints.

Availability of Solar panel franchise in Meghalaya

Meghalaya, a hilly state of Northeastern India with over 3.3 lakh of population life. Also, it is one of the seven sisters of north-east India. It is a mountainous state with a valley and plateaus. In short, the state is geographically rich. Meghalaya was previously part of Assam but since 1972, it became a new state. Certainly, this is the wettest region of Indian that covers up to 12,000mm of rain per year.

Furthermore, this state is famous for orchids, medicinal parts, exotic fruits, and vegetables. Also, it received a huge rainfall in India and is a place of mesmerizing waterfalls. The people of this state have a rich tribal cultural heritage. Here, the demand for solar panel franchise is very popular. Because people who live there are very concerned about the states’ natural beauty. Look at the availability of solar panel franchise in Meghalaya by us as follows.

  1. Mairang
  2. Mawlai
  3. Baghmara
  4. Resubelpara
  5. Jowai
  6. Lowsohtun
  7. Madanriting
  8. Umlyngka
  9. Shilong Cantonment
  10. Nongthymmai

Benefits of Solar panels

Solar panels are very helpful towards the environment, individuals’ health, economic growth, etc. So, who says no to such technology having varieties of benefits in a cheaper way. Solar energy uses almost 10-30% of electricity just to generate the current. With the help of this system, the annual turn of India has been turning up to 10-20 crores. Because of today, with almost 2 million people use solar products with 30 Watts of energy production. Now, look at the benefits of solar panels listed below.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Reduce Heavy electricity bills
  • Renewable and inexhaustible energy
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Natural energy production
  • Decrease global warming
  • Doesn’t harm an individual’s health
  • It can also work in rainy weather
  • It reduces the carbon footprint

Why choose Inter solar?

Since 1997, Inter solar system PVT. Ltd. has been providing pure Indian solar products. And today we compete with the top largest solar supplier companies in India. Because we focus to connect the world with Solar energy, save nature, and save health. So, if you want to work with the best solar panel franchise in Meghalaya then contact 0172-458-9999. Further, we aim for proper customer satisfaction. Now, look at our highlighted features that you may like are as follows.

  1. All-time customer support
  2. Reasonable rates
  3. Best quality solar products
  4. Experienced manufactures
  5. Safe packaging
  6. Proper installation
  7. Long-terma stability products

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