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Solar Panel Franchise In Mizoram

Solar panel franchise in Mizoram – In this modern era, the demand for solar panels is increasing day by day. India has been reached at 30 Watts of energy production in 2019. Because, if we install 340 watts each solar panel then your house will demand 12 solar panels to supply electricity. Each panel is 1 m wide and 2 m long. Therefore, with the help of a solar panel franchise in Mizoram, you’ll get plenty of job opportunities. now, read the following article below. It will provide you a better knowledge of solar panel working.

Solar Panel Franchise In Mizoram

The solar panel is a renewable and nature-friendly source of producing electricity. And if you want to install the panel then you must know about it. Firstly, the installation cost varies with the power usage of your house of building. Generally, the rooftop SPV panel cost ranges around Rs. 83,000 per kWh including installation fees. However, the system installation cost may high for you but believe me it uses the only 1/3rd of electricity. And will help you to save your future electricity bills around 70-80%. For more info about the solar panel franchise business call us at 0172-458-9999.

How do Solar panel works?

Solar panels are the most effective way to produce electricity from sunlight. This process takes place due to its battery. During the day time, when the sun is shining towards the earth. The solar panel collectors work to consume the energy coming from the sun and store it into the batteries. Importantly, the batteries are very powerful in consuming that can supply electricity the entire night. Further, the battery is made with photovoltaic cells generate with DC energy. The energy when stored to supply go though the panels at the different areas to provide accordingly. Check out the step-by-step working of the solar panels.

  • SPV panels absorb sunlight with photovoltaic cells
  • With the help of an inverter, it converts Dc energy into AC energy.
  • The AC energy then flows through the house and distributes it accordingly.

How much energy do solar panels generate?

Solar panels are mainly placed at the roofs of the house or over a large open area. So that it can store the direct energy coming from the sun. Generally, most of the rooftop panels can produce energy that varies between 250-350 Watts. This variation is enough to power the freezer. Besides, the smaller panels used for motors can produce 5 Watts of energy.

Furthermore, in India, the solar installation capacity has been reached almost 30 GW in 2019. Because India has the lowest capital cost per MW globally. So, the Indian Government decided to target the capacity of 20 GW by 2022. Therefore, about 4 kWh of the panel is generating per day in India.

Demand for Solar Panel Franchise In Mizoram

Mizoram, a 5th smallest and well-developed state of India known for its culture and beauty. It is the land of rolling hills, river, lakes, and valleys. Over 21 major hill ranges with 1000 meters average height. Moreover, Mizoram has the 3rd highest forest among the states of India, which hosts numerous species of birds, wildlife, and flora.

Also, it has a highly literate workforce of about 90% of literacy rate. That is why the demand for solar products is always high. Because the people who stay there are purely concern about states’ natural beauty. And they prefer more for solar products. Look at the availability for solar products franchise in Mizoram is listed below.

  1. Aizawl
  2. Champai
  3. Lunglei
  4. Ngopa
  5. Thenzawl
  6. Bilkhawthir
  7. North Vanlaipha
  8. Lengpui
  9. Bairabi

Why choose Inter Solar?

Inter solar system PVT. Ltd has the largest solar supply in India. With the best solar products and long term stability. We at Inter Solar come with great deals. Also, our professional manufacturers are very dedicated to their work. So that our customers get the best deals of solar products in Mizoram. Our franchises are almost in every city of Mizoram. And if you want to work the best solar panel franchise in Mizoram then give us a call. Now, check out the highlighted features about us we’ve listed below.

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  • An experienced and dedicated team
  • All-time customer support
  • High-quality assurance
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