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Solar Water Heater Dealers In Rishikesh

Solar water heater dealers in Rishikesh – Solar energy is running with a wide range of quality products in the world. Products like solar panels, solar street lights, solar water heaters and many more are in great demand. Here, solar water heating is a process that transforms the sunlight into heat for a water heater. With the help of a solar thermal collector, the conversion varies automatically through sunlight. Therefore, if you are looking for the best solar water heater in Rishikesh then contact 0172-458-9999.

Best solar water heaters in Rishikesh

We, inter solar system Pvt. Ltd. Supplies the best quality of solar products. The demand for our products is in a wide range of constitutions. With the latest technologies and inventions, solar products are getting higher. And, inter solar system Pvt. Ltd. launches different varieties of solar products every year. Solar water heaters heated directly with light-concentrating mirrors in different climates and latitudes. They are instrumental and cheaper. So, connect your home, school, and industries with the best solar water heaters by inter solar system Pvt. Ltd…

Solar Water Heater working

This system is an economical way to transfer heat from the sun and provide drinking water to your family. The solar water heater is devices used to capture the energy from the sun to antifreeze liquid. This device is a way to produce sanitary water without emitting carbon dioxide. Solar water heating system directly substitutes renewable energy to regular energy. It reduces to use of electricity by 80%. Unlike fossil fuels, this system works faster and longer.

A collector is placed on the roof to convert the heat from sunlight through the medium. The sun’s thermal energy then heats the water into the saver. This fluid is then passed into the heat exchange and stored in a tank for further uses. The anti-freezing process is then circulating back to the collector. Solar water heating system is now proved to be dependable when connected with a high climate.

Types of solar water heating system

The solar water heater is the most useful device to heat water naturally. This process converts the energy of sunlight to heat water. there are two types of solar water heaters:

  1. Evacuated tube collectors
  2. Flat plate collectors

Such types of water collectors can be used with the following systems:

  • Thermo-siphon system: thermo-siphon system heat water like glycol. The liquid temperature increases with natural transmission. No pumps are required to raise the fluid but, it should be placed higher to contact with the sun.
  • Direct circulation system: this system is required to pump-up the water stored in the tank. Water then goes to the saver during rainy hours. The anti-freezing process starts to circulate the hot fluid by draining down the saver. This system occurs where low temperatures are unusual.
  • Air system: this is an indirect system where the collector heats the air through the heat exchange. The heat then exchanged from air to water is used for domestic needs. The capacity for transmission on sunny days is 50%.
  • Drain-down system: this system generates indirect with a water heater. The fluid is operated through the covered curve and heated by the exchange and provide drinkable water.
  • Indirect water heating system: this system freezes the water into the collector and then operates by a closed-loop. The heat is then transferred through the loop and makes it potable water. It consists of 80-90% of heat exchanging efficiency.

Applications of solar heater

In terms of institution, an association of the solar industry has been rate the performance and quality assurance. Solar water heaters have three types of applications:

  1. Domestic
  2. Commercial
  3. Industrial

Why us?

Inter solar system PVT. ltd. provide the best range of solar products in Rishikesh. We will help you to connect with the Eco-friendly system and make this world a better place. Where the electricity bills are getting higher, we will supply you with low-cost lighting technology. Our company will provide:

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