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Solar Water Heater Franchise In Assam

Solar water heater franchise in Assam – A solar water heater franchise in Assam is very popular. It gives an opportunity that helps natural and economical growth. Here, we at Inter solar system stand for you. In this article, we’ll give you the proper information and guidance. This system is widely used for residential and industrial applications. And if you are ready to work with us then contact 0172-458-9999. Now. let’s take a look at some more features of solar installations below.

Today, this is well-known that the solar system is counted as the most successful invention of this era. The solar water heating system is spreading in various houses, buildings, companies, and many more. Nowadays, pollution and harmful chemical are developing in the air. That is why inventors make a solution to reduce global warming and find Solar energy.

Solar energy is Eco-friendly energy with converts light into electricity. And the solar water heating system is the conversion of sunlight into heat. Which produces the heat for the water heating process by using the solar thermal collector. Moreover, with varieties of configuration is available varies at a different cost in different climates. This helps to obtain the solution to supply the heating process.

Availability of solar water heater franchise in Assam

Today, a solar water heating system is a widely used process that heats water. And India is listed as the 5th best solar supplies in this world. Not just to supply the electricity but the solar system helps to world economically also. By providing several job opportunities that save the environment. Today, almost 1 billion people are using solar water heater in their houses, industries, etc. Here, we’ve listed the areas where you can find or can start a solar franchise business in Assam.

  • Guwahati.
  • Jorhat.
  • Tezpur.
  • Dibrugarh.
  • Silchar.
  • Tinsukia.
  • Sivasagar.
  • Nagaon.
  • Sonitpur.
  • Golaghat.
  • Diphu.
  • Goalpara.
  • Barpeta.
  • North Lakhimpur.

Benefits of installing solar water heaters

The usage of solar products is always in demand. As they use probably 1/3rd energy as compared to electricity (around 10-30 %). Further, where electricity is the reason for poor air quality and bad environment conditions. There Solar energy help to improves not only nature but also the health of individuals. Because it emits carbon radiation which is not harmful to us.

In terms of nature, pollution is spreading very fast all over the globe. Here, solar energy is a solution that reduces global warming. Due to the natural conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy. Solar energy supplies energy directly coming from the sun. Certainly, India’s solar capacity is 20 MW now. The increase in solar capacity shows how wide the scope for the solar water heater franchise is.

Further, a solar water heating process needs a large area that consumes sunlight. So, it is installed mainly on the roof of the houses for the direct contact of the sun and water heater. Take a look at the benefits of solar water heating system below.

  • It is renewable and inexhaustible energy.
  • A profit-generating system that is always in demand.
  • Excellent franchise and monopoly rights.
  • Market supportive.
  • Eco-friendly system.
  • Cheaper than electricity.
  • Helps the economical growth.

Why choose Inter Solar as the best solar franchise in Assam?

At one time, the India government used to sponsor Chinese solar water heater products. China offers to sell solar products 50% cheaper than India alternatives. But or govt. stopped due to leading product importation by China in Sept. 2014. And now, with the help of the Inter solar system PVT. Ltd., people are purchasing pure India Solar products.

Moreover, Assam is a state of India known for its natural beauty. Where you’ll come find wildlife, tea plantations, and astrological sites. The demand for Inter solar is very popular here. Because we bestow with a wide range of solar installation and best services. Also, we’ll help you to get a solar water heating franchise in Assam.

  1. ISO certified company
  2. Long-term stability products
  3. Quality assurance
  4. All-time customer support
  5. Annual service required
  6. Reasonable rates

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