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Solar Water Heater Manufacturer In Ludhiana

Solar Water Heater Manufacturer in Ludhiana – Solar Water Heaters are the devices used to heat up the water with the help of the sunlight. It includes the converting of heat in the form of water. These are also called as the domestic hot water systems and recognized as the best energy saver. We at Inter Solar are the best solar water heater dealers in Ludhiana. You can contact us anytime on – 9356664139.

Solar Water Heater Manufacturer in Ludhiana

Solar Energy is the best source of energy which helps in heating water with using the renewable source of energy i.e. sun. Many of the companies are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of the solar water Heaters. Basically, it includes storage tanks and solar collectors for converting the one form of energy into the another.

The working of Solar Water Heaters

It is one of the ways to generate the hot water from the sun rays. This includes the Solar collector and storage tanks for the proper working. The sun rays reflect on the solar panels and solar collectors and then the fluid passes through a heat exchanger in the storage tank and then transfer the heat to the water. Therefore, by following all this process the solar waterworks and provides the hot water.

The List of Different types of Solar Water Heaters in Ludhiana

There are mainly two types of solar water heaters one of them is active solar water heater and other is the passive solar water heater. Many types of solar Water heaters are available in the market from high range to the low range. The major difference is in their quality and durability. Here we have the list of different types of solar water heaters available in the market as follows.

Active Solar Water Heaters are the further classified into the two types the direct circulation and other is indirect circulation water heaters. Both of them differentiate on the basis of water circulation. Direct circulation devices work with the pump that transfers the household water with the collectors to the home. In the indirect systems, Pumps circulate a non-freezing fluid to the heat exchanger and then heat it up and circulate in the home.

Passive Solar Water Heaters are the devices which are less expensive as well as they have more durability. It is also divided into the two types one is Integral collector-storage passive systems which helps in heating the water in the low-temperature areas and other is which are more expensive and have included heavy storage tanks.

The Demand for Solar Water Heaters in Ludhiana, Punjab

Solar water heaters are highly demanded in the region of Punjab due to the sunny weather. Punjab is a hot region for many of the times as well as during the winter people prefer to use hot water. Sometimes there is also a cause of less electricity supply in some places. That’s why it is demanded heating up the water by cutting down the various pocket expenses.

Many of the companies are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of the solar water heaters in Punjab. But we at Inter Solar is one of the best company for the delivery of best solar water heaters at the affordable rates. We provide 24×7 customer support that helps us in maintaining the top-notch position in the solar products market.

Why Choose Inter Solar for the Best Solar Water Heater suppliers and dealers in Ludhiana?

We at Inter Solar are the best company for manufacturing and supplying of the Solar Water Heaters at the affordable rates. The belief of delivering the innovative and creative product has always kept us on the top. Our team is developing the product with providing the comfort to the customer. Here is the list of some major services by the Inter solar for the products.

  • 100% quality assurance.
  • The wide range of the Solar products.
  • Best creative and Innovative products.
  • Supporting go green environment.
  • Products with the luxurious ranges at affordable rates.

So, go ahead and choose the best solar Water Heaters for you and your organization from Inter Solar. For more information contact us on the following details.

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