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Solar Water Heater VS Electric Water Heater

Solar Water Heater Vs Electric Water Heater – This is the debate between solar water heater vs electric water heater to take out the more reliable alternative to use at home. The piece will let you know everything about both water heater systems. Finally, it will help you find the right option you can install at your home. Here, check out the Solar Water Heater VS Electric Water Heater.

Solar Water Heater VS Electric Water Heater

Water Heater is Crucial Amenity in the Modern Age

Water heaters are a prominent part of every household today. These systems are responsible for delivering hot water to various fixtures. During recent times, the demand for hot water systems has increased significantly. It reaches the peak, especially during winters.

The average use of water for drinking, cleaning, washing, bathing, and cooking highly depends upon the standard of living. But it fluctuates from place to place, regardless of climate. On average, water heaters make around 15 to 25% of the total energy consumed in a house.

Solar Water Heaters Over Traditional Water Heaters

Traditionally, water heaters are operated either electricity-driven or fuel-driven (oil, wood). In addition, we also have gas-operated water heaters that use natural gas or LPG to heat the water. However, that is a separate issue, which we will discuss any other time.

The third option that has captivated the attention a lot is the Solar Water Heater System. We have solar energy-based water heaters, which have erupted as big dominators of the industry. Considering the scarcity of electricity and ever-growing utility bills, the solar water system has become the foremost choice of many households.

Let’s carry on with the debate by illustrating all forms of water heaters one-by-one with their pros and cons. It will make the picture crystal clear which one to choose: solar water heater vs electric water heater.

Electric Water Heater

As its name implies, electric or electricity-based water heaters are systems to get hot water using electricity. They use the power to supply hot water instantly at homes, offices, restaurants, and other sites.

Further, electric water heaters are been in the practice for a long time. One can produce hot water at any moment of the clock.

Advantages –

Grab some direct benefits of electric water heater systems below:

  1. First, it provides instant hot water, regardless of climate conditions.
  2. Next, water heaters come in every size and shape, hence suitable for all locations.
  3. Another perk is its affordable price. It costs you as little as $400. That’s why people prefer to have it in the place.
  4. Since electricity water heaters are installed inside the home, it is less prone to natural damages like snow, rain, etc.
  5. These are convenient to use. You just need to twist the faucet to get hot water.
  6. Furthermore, electric water heaters have a temperature control knob to prevent scald.

Disadvantages –

  1. The biggest con is its dependency on fossil fuels. They are major contributors to the depletion of our fossil fuels.
  2. They add significant costs to the monthly electricity bills. According to the US Department of Energy, electric water heaters cause 25% of the utility bills in most houses.
  3. Furthermore, the life of these hot water systems is restricted to 15 years. In rare cases, they perform well after the age of 15 years.
  4. There is also a contingency of short circuits with the cables and cords therein. They can cause severe danger to users.

Solar Water Heater system

This is the prime attraction of the piece. The reason is apparently clear – solar heater systems are free to use in the long run as they wholly depend upon solar energy.

Solar water heaters have become popular impeccably. In fact, the US government has made it mandatory to install the solar system in various states. Consequently, Hawaii is the first state to adhere to the order stiffly and make solar heaters compulsory in new developments.

Advantages –

  1. Cost-effectiveness is the biggest gain of solar-powered water heaters. Your utility bill is reduced significantly.
  2. Further, these systems are eco-friendly. They don’t emit any pollution to the environment.
  3. Solar water heaters cause only installation costs. After that, it will not hit your pocket even gently.
  4. Durability is another consideration while choosing the solar water heater system. They are ready to serve you for 25 to 30 years easily.
  5. These systems generate no kind of noise and also avoid short-circuits.

Disadvantages –

  1. Solar system installation requires a wide space on the roof. Installation is also a tedious task.
  2. Initially, it can cost you around $2500 to $3000 that is whopping.
  3. Solar water heaters are more prone to natural damages like rain, snow, etc.
  4. During winters, the hotness degree of the water may be low or unpromising.

Which One You Will Choose – Electric Water Heater Vs Solar Water Heater?

Facts are day-clear about both water heater alternatives. The debate positions the solar water heater systems in the dominating state. They are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and most importantly, utilize renewable solar energy for operations.

Electricity water heaters are losing their credibility and popularity in the modern technological era because of many reasons. The biggest drawback is their dependency on non-renewable electricity energy. Overall, solar water heaters are best by all means.

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