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Solar Evacuated Tube System


Solar Evacuated Tube System –¬†Are you looking for the best Solar evacuated tube system? If yes, then there could not be a better place than Intersolar to be in. We are a reputed name in the Solar world for manufacturing the best and quality solar products. The solar evacuated tube system is one of our best products to buy and use.

The solar evacuated tube system is more suited to specific areas where the diffuse radiations are more. But this does not make it less useful for other areas and places. Now, more people are investing their time and money on solar products to avail the maximum benefits. One of the major benefits of using solar products is that they are eco- friendly.

What is an Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System?

solar-evacuated-tube-systemsEvacuated Tube Technology has been in use China and in more efficient in areas where diffuse radiations are more as compared to direct radiations climates. This is a wonderful solar product that is now being used in various sectors and industries to lower the electricity bills and also to contribute towards the environment.

What is the working principle of Evacuated solar tube system?

The selective coating on the inner cover of the evacuated tubes absorbs heat. When the temperature rises, the density of water drops and weight goes down, hot water will go up to exchange with cold water in the tank. In this way, the temperature of the water in the tank goes up. ETC Technology is suitable for domestic non-pressurised hot water application.

Benefits of Solar Evacuated tube systems

You might be wondering about the benefits of this amazing solar product. If you do not have any idea about this then we have brought you some of the best perks of using this product. Scroll down to check them out.

  1. They are the most efficient if they are installed correctly.
  2. Solar evacuated tube systems are available in a wide variety to choose from.
  3. You can also increase the efficiency according to your will in some models.
  4. They do not make a noise like most of the electrical devices.
  5. They are affordable and can be installed anywhere.

Why should you choose Intersolar for the best manufacturers of solar evacuated tube system in India?

Heating your household water is the major consumer of energy in most homes. INTER SOLAR Solar Hot Water System will not only help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, it can also reduce your hot water heating costs by up to 80%. Intersolar is a famous name that is majorly known to provide the best Solar products in India. We manufacture the quality solar evacuated tube systems that you can rely on. Also, one of the other reasons to choose us is our cost effective solar evacuated tube system availability. You can contact us anytime to get the best services and solar products.


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