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Archives: Vadi FAQs

What is the estimated life of a Solar Hot Water System?

Inter Solar uses all Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Copper parts for the Solar Hot water systems manufactured by us, hence they usually last for about 15-20 years depends upon water quality. Some maintenance may required periodically to get maximum efficiency like electric back-up etc. may need replacement. We have some … Read More

What kind of maintenance is required?

Most domestic Solar Geysers don’t require a lot of maintenance, as there are no moving parts in the solar geyser. The only maintenance needed is cleaning of the glass once a month for best results. And if you live in a hard water area, the decaling process once every year … Read More

Can higher temperatures be obtained?

Yes. Much higher temperatures are possible with the Solar Geyser, though the use is restricted to the industrial sector. Inter Solar has designed many industrial systems with high temperatures such as 800C for provided boiler feed water. … Read More

What is DTC?

DTC means Differential Temperature Control. DTC is used to control the circulation pump in forced circulation system. … Read More

What is FTC?

FTC means Fixed Temperature Control. The operation of the circulation pump of forced flow system needs to be controlled to avoid pumping of cold water into the hot water storage tank. In FTC control, it is achieved by monitoring the temperature at the outlet of the collector. The pump is … Read More

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