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Solar Water Heating System Manufacturers

Solar Water Heating System manufacturers – Are you looking for the best solar water heating system manufacturers and suppliers? If yes, then this is the right place to be in. Inter Solar System have the high quality and authentic products that are not only good at function but also help in enhancing the decor of wherever installed. We provide the best products that last long and are of brilliant quality to match up the standards of electric products.

Intersolar Product List

Solar energy has become very important nowadays because of the unlimited benefits it has to provide. This sun energy is not only beneficial for the environment but it also help in cutting down your electricity bill. Electric products not only increases bill but also have an adverse effect on the climate conditions. Solar products contributes a lot in the betterment of the environment and the planet.

What are solar heating systems?

Solar heating system is basically a natural method of conversion of sunlight into the heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector. These systems are mostly used for the residential and industrial purposes. But now, they are being used in several other places too. There are different varieties of configurations available at varying cost to provide solutions in different type of climates.

We manufacture the best solar heaters and also involved in the proper supplying of the products. You can trust us easily for the quality and functionality of the product. So go ahead and now invest your bucks in the best solar water heating system and contribute your part towards the environment.

Technologies Available in Solar Water Heating System

Types of Solar Water Heating Systems Manufactured & Supplied by us


Absorber Plate :

img_16Absorber plate is one of the best solar water heating part that helps the solar heater to function properly. Below listed are some of the features and specifications of the this important part.

  • Made of copper sheet, laser or ultrasonically welded to copper tubes.
  • It ensures high efficiency and durability.

Absorber Plate Coating :

Absrober plate coating is yet another important part of the solar water heater that is not only effective but last longer to provide you unlimited benefits. Below listed are the benefits of this coating.

  • Selective black chrome or Ultra selective sputtured coating with excellent energy absorption and very low energy emission.
  • It gives high performance even in cooler climates.

Insulation :

The absorber Plate is encased in 50 mm resin bonded rock wool, retaining the collector’s heat.

Solar Gas Glazing :

The single-pane 4 mm tempered patterned or clear solar glass has high solar transmittance upto 92% and execellent durability.

Casings :

Aluminium all anodized aluminium extrusions casings are made of solid construction available in natural or off-white.

Tubing Grid :

12.7 mm copper risers brazed to 25 mm copper manifolds with optimal flow distribution.

Piping Connection :

1″ BSP four brass flanges.curve

Back Plate :

The back plate is made up of aluminium sheet.

Aluminium Foil :

The aluminium foil above insulation act as a barrier against out gasses.

Technical Parameters

Collector Specifications

Dimension of Collector 1860 L X 1240 W X100 H mm.
Collector Area 2.30 Sq.Mt.
Number of Fins/Collectors 10Nos.
Absorber Material Electro grade copper with 99.9%
Absorber Coating Selective black chrome electroplated , to withstand 300 degree centigrade.
Raiser 12.5 mm +/- 0.56 mm Copper tube.
Header 25.4 mm +/- 0.7 mm Copper tube
Bonding – Header & Raiser Copper brazing.
Bonding – Fin & Raiser Tube Laser / Ultrasonic Welding.
Back Insulation Rock wool/ Mineral wool/ Fibre Glass wool with 48Kg/ density.
Side Insulation Rock wool with 25 mm thick, 38 kg/ density.
Collector Box Aluminium extruded channel with Powder Coating/Anodising.
Collector Bottom Sheet Aluminium sheet, 0.56 +/-0.08 mm thick
Collector Stand M.S Structure with ename/epoxy coating
Glazing Toughened glass, 4 mm thick with low iron, Transmissivity upto 92% at near normal incidence.
Retainer angle for Glass Extruded aluminium angle with Polyester Powder coating.
Beading for Glass EPDM rubber.
Absorber Area 2.1 Sq. Mt +/-0.1 Sq.Mt/Collector.
Heat transfer media Water

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