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What Are Integrated Heat Pumps

What are integrated heat pumps  – Integrated heat pump is essentially a hot water cylinder (geyser) with a super energy-efficient heat pump. By the help of compressor heats the water with the energy of the sun. Solar integrated heat pumps work by getting solar energy, and without using the electricity you can get the heated water with integrated heat pumps. Let us know more below about what are integrated heat pumps.   What Are Integrated Heat Pumps
Integrated heat pumps are of great use as it collects the energy from natural resources and saves the cost of electricity. As heating water costs a heavy amount if using the electric power but with solar integrated heaters the solar energy provides you the heated water and that does not affect the environment as well.

How does Integrated Heat Pump Work?

Integrated heat pumps are an innovative product, as the heat pumps provide both heated water and cold water. Without spending any money on electricity, the integrated eater heaters provide 80% of heated water. By the use of integrated heat pumps, you can save up to 65%. It could be considered as geyser as its a hot water cylinder.

These integrated heat pumps are normally used for home. The heat pump normally contains a water tank, cylinder and heat pump installed in it. The working principle of integrated heat pumps is similar like air conditioners. It collects energy from the environment and heats the water completely.

Benefits of Using a Solar Integrated Heat Pump

Solar products are undoubtedly beneficial as solar energy is renewable energy and solar products work by grasping the solar energy and you can use it according to your choice and need without bothering about the cost like of electricity. Therefore choosing the solar products will always provide you benefits because in all the aspects the solar heat pump only provides ease or benefits. Here are some more benefits of integrated heat pumps below.

  • You will get warm water by using solar energy and not electricity.
  • Electricity expenses can be reduced by using solar integrated heat pumps.
    You can save up to 65% of your pocket by just installing these integrated heat pumps.
  • According to the Income Tax  Act 1961,  there is an allowance of 80% depreciation while using the solar integrated heat pump.
  • This will let you contribute toward the environment by reducing the pollution content and will also reduce your heavy electricity bills.
  • Reduction of global; warming.
  • Reduces the carbon emission level in the environment.
  • There will be less need for maintenance.
  • You will get up to 80% of heated water.
  • Natural resources preservation.

Components of Integrated Solar Heat Pumps

An integrated solar heat pump is made of distinctive components which perform their work together and provide heated water. Every component has its own special functioning that gathers solar energy in order to provide heated water.  Here are some components of Integrated Heat Pumps.

Integration Unit

The integration unit provides a means to connect the hydraulic circuits of the heat pump and the boiler to the terminals of the heating system, using special fittings that joins three circuits together in a compact way.

The electronic regulator controls the function which automatically manages and activates the heat pump or the boiler depending on the temperature of the air outside measured by the probe.

Heat pump activates by the regulator when requested by the ambient regulator and the air temperature outside risen above the preset switching temperature. t also activates the boiler when requested by the ambient regulator and the outside air temperature is below the switching temperature.

By the means of diverter switch that the switching over is made that closes the contact of the thermostat towards the boiler or the heat pump, through a relais if needed.

Diverter Kit

Without having to overcome pipes the diverter kit allows to easily connect the 3 circuits together.

The diverter valve has low head losses, in relation to the flow rates used. and short operating times feature. It allows the fast system commissioning and prevents water hammer.

To an actuator fitted with microswitches, the valve is coupled that used to activate and deactivate devices according to the working position of the valve.

Multifunction device with dirt separator and strainer

There could occur problems caused by impurities in hydraulic circuits, the components of the heating and air conditioning system can be exposed to the degradation caused by the dirt particles or impurities in the system’s circuit.

The impurities can impair the operation of the units or components if they are not removed in the thermal medium. This can affect heat pumps or heat exchangers, especially in the commissioning stage, from the initial passage. This could not be ignored because the generator manufacturers will frequently reject the warranty claims id product is not adequately protected by the strainer from the time of commissioning.

Operating system

By coupling a dirt separator and cartridge strainer arranged in the series the multifunction device is obtained.
The circulating water in the system flows in the sequence, firstly through the dirt separator and then through the cartridge strainer.

  • Elimination of impurities or particles even of small diameters handled by the dirt separator because of the effect of collision of the particles with the gravity decantation of sludge and internal element in the collection chamber. After some circulations of the medium, the result can be obtained during operation of the system in steady-state conditions.
  • The total elimination of particles of diameters measured in the tenths if millimeter.  Right from the first passage of the medium guaranteed by mesh strainer which mechanically intercepts impurities carried by the medium of thermal.

Demand for Solar Integrated Heat Pump

The demand for a solar integrated heat pump is huge nowadays as everyone is getting aware of the usage of solar products, as we have already exploited nature so badly that circumstances are worsening now. And installing solar products contributes to the environment in a great way. Moreover, it also saves electricity cost. This is the best solution of the era to save the entire globe and people are taking initiative by installing solar products.

This results in increasing the demand for solar energy products and consequently of the solar integrated heat pump. People are demanding solar integrated heat pumps more and more as heating water with the use of electricity is always expensive. But the integrated heat pump is just a one-time investment and fruits for life. The maintenance cost is also very optimum which will not let you face any hassle after the installation. Therefore the demand for integrated solar heat pumps is increasing day by day.

How Integrated Heat Pumps are Beneficial for the Environment?

Solar products or integrated solar heat pumps are beneficial for the environment undoubtedly. As the solar products work with the help of solar energy i.e the sun so there is no need to burn fossil fuels or there to get the electricity which ultimately results in the reduction of pollution in the environment. By using the electricity we not only burn our pockets but also damages the environment which resulted in global warming. Moreover, the government has also introduced incentive policies

Solar products grasp the sunlight and turn that into electricity which can be used for many purposes. With a solar integrated heat pump, you can get the heated water without spending a single penny on electricity. You can also use all electrical appliances with the help of solar panels. With solar products you can enjoy nursing all the things without using electricity and our environment will not get polluted. This is how we can save our environment with the use of solar products.

Price of Integrated Heat Pumps

If we talk out spending the money on solar products then this is the one-time investment and are available at an optimum price. The price may vary according to the different sizes or different area dealers. but solar products don’t have pocket burning prices. Apart from this, there will be no need to spend on it again and again like electricity bills which you have to pay after a particular duration on a regular base. Solar products are just one-time investment and the maintenance charges are also quite optimum. Therefore you can go for solar products easily.


The solar integrated heat pumps are the most beneficial product that provides heated water without the use of electricity. It is a geyser type product which absorbs the sun energy and turns that into electricity. You can easily get heated water with it and can also run all the appliances without the use of electricity.

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