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What Are Solar Street Lights

What are Solar Street Lights – Almost we all have a fear of the dark. It is quite frightening and dangerous that you are walking alone on the road in the dark at night. So here you will understand the importance of street lights well especially of the solar one. What are solar street lights? This is the best investment you can get into at present. Because using green and clean energy solar products is really in need after seeing the degrading climate conditions. So after digging the internet for what are solar street lights on Wikipedia, here we can give more detailed information on the topic.

What Are Solar Street Lights

Not only in urban areas but there is a need for solar street lights in the rural areas too. Because apart from contributing to the environment protection, this also deals with safety concerns. Therefore the product is so much efficient and beneficial, that people, as well as government, is promoting different solar street light project immensely. Even the solar street light price is not the exorbitant one. The thing is just initial investment may appear bigger for you, but this is quite less in comparison to solar street light long-term benefits.

As per the last recorded data, India is having solar capacity 25.21 GW till 31 December 2018. India is doing amazingly well in promoting the use of solar products. As the target to achieve the solar capacity of 20 GW is for 2022. And we have already exceeded the target successfully. Now the aim is at possessing 100 GW till 2022. Fortunately, the target is not really difficult to achieve as after seeing the more aware population in the country.

What are Solar Street Lights?

Street lights are majorly a solution to most of the road safety concerns. And the more value and benefits get added when it is a solar street light. The lighting system which is being placed on the roadside utilizing the solar energy to light up the road or path in the night is what you call a street light. Out of several solar products available in the market, this one holds great significance.

Solar street light uses sunlight to convert sunlight energy into light energy with the help of solar panels. These solar lights may either contain fluorescent or LED lights. But most probably LED is the most preferred one at present due to its low power consumption features. Mounting of solar panels can either be on the lighting structure itself or can be joined to the pole. For more information solar street light project, proceed further.

Components of Solar Street Lights

There are different parts which collectively form a solar lighting system. In most of the areas, the government is the one to promote and set up this project into action. But you can also initiate and get the best solar street lighting system for you and save the environment and electricity bills.

Here you are going to know how to make a solar street light. The solar street lights are not just solar panels and a lamp. There are different components which makes it a highly efficient investment for you. A solar lighting system composes of 4 major parts i.e.,

  1. Solar panel – The one most significant part of your solar street light is the solar panel. Solar panels are the one which converts solar energy into the light energy. These panels can either be of a monocrystalline type or polycrystalline one. Among these two types, it would be wiser to go for highly efficient monocrystalline solar panels. Although they are a little expensive they are more useful in terms of providing energy.
  2. Lighting mixture – Then after the solar panel, the next thing will be lighting mixture. From the past many years, new advancements to add much value to the product are coming continuously. The light fixture in solar street lights can either be of LPS (low-pressure sodium) fixture, HPS (high-pressure sodium) fixture, cobrahead style fixture, fluorescent fixtures, decorative fixtures, or LED fixtures. If it comes to efficiency, LED is the one to place itself first. Because it reduces energy consumption to 50%.
  3. Rechargeable battery – This eco-friendly and highly efficient product will be more useful when you are having rechargeable batteries connected to it. Yes, solar battery assembly can help you store the sunlight energy for further use when it’s not in use. The battery will then supply of energy to the lighting mixture. Most probably, there are two major types of batteries which is used in solar street lights i.e., gel cell deep cycle battery and a lead-acid battery. And nowadays, lithium-ion batteries are also becoming a center of attraction due to its compact size.
  4. Pole – Foundation for whole solar street lighting system i.e., pole needs to be strong enough for long withstanding. Especially in case of solar street lights, the quality of pole matters a lot. Because most of its parts are mounted on the pole itself. You must assess the wind load requirement and other local climate factors too to enjoy all the advantages of solar street lights.

So these are the major components of a solar street light. Rest there are some other minor one too like battery box, fixture mounting bracket, light controls, etc.

How do Solar Street Lights Work?

The solar street light working principle is not a very complex one. Solar panels will play their role to collect solar energy. This solar energy will move from negative terminals to the positive terminals present in solar cells. These solar cells of solar panels are connected to the battery in order to collect this DC electricity generated from the sunlight energy.

Then in the evening or night time, photoreceptors will shut the solar cells down as there will be no sunlight to continue the conversion. There are light sensors present in the solar street lights which work accordingly. These photosensors will automatically switch off the lamp when it senses light around it. So the product is highly efficient.

Types of Solar Street Lights

Likewise other products, there is the availability of different types of solar street lighting system too. You can choose the product as per your choice and requirement. The climate conditions and your paying capacity will also be playing a significant role to select one among the different types. Below listed are the major 4 types of solar lighting systems, have a look.

  1. Off-Grid Split Type Solar Street Light System – Cutting the cost in both the terms i.e., manpower and material used, this solar system preferred the best. Each pole will be having its independent power supply unit.
  2. Grid-Tie Solar Street Light System – In case of grid tie solar street light system, there is sunlight based arrangement. The system may include a single inverter or micro inverter system.
  3. Solar and Wind Hybrid Solar Street Light System – As the name is self-explanatory, in this system two renewable energy resources will be utilized. Therefore the energy production will be more consequently. The system will collectively be using sunlight and wind energy. So this induces higher efficiency.
  4. All-in-One Solar Street Light System – This street lighting system is having motion sensors which help you save energy. All the parts are present within this single system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights

For sure, the curiosity to know the solar street light benefits will be there as you are making a huge investment. Currently, we are in need of the best efficient eco-friendly products on a global level. Because the climate is demanding that. Therefore the demand for solar products is more ubiquitously. And the reason behind that demand is astounding and lucrative benefits of solar products usage. One factor which will be helping you avail all the benefits is the right selection of solar street light manufacturer. Let us introduce you to the perks of installing solar street lights.

  • Most reliable, independent, and secure source of energy.
  • Highly renewable in nature.
  • Reduces carbon footprint release.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Safety to drivers and pedestrians as well.
  • Conservation of electricity and resources.
  • Incentive and rebates on installments.
  • Lesser road accidents.

There are several other delights of using solar street lights which you are going to enjoy with the best solar street light manufacturer and dealer only. But there are some disadvantages too as there cannot be always positives in a thing. Below listed are them, you can check them out.

  • Appears expensive as because of a higher initial investment.
  • Light pollution.
  • Theft risk.
  • Regular batteries replacements.
  • Accumulation of dust and moisture on solar panel.

What is the Cost of Solar Street Lights in India?

Now if you are convinced to buy solar street light in India, you must be seeking guidance for finding the best affordable deals. Because if you are investing your hard earned money, you must be surely seeking matching quality in return to the solar street light price. The price will differ with the seller, quality, and the type you are buying. A product with more advanced features can cost you more in comparison to the less advanced one.

If it comes to affordability, there are solar street light prices starting from Rs 10,000. And these prices are rising according to the product features up to Rs 32,000 and even more. You can check the online solar lighting system reviews and then select one.


So this is all about solar street lights, its working principle, types, and price. Now find the best contractor to buy one for you and install. Do prefer the best durable quality solar street lights with most reasonable prices and enjoy their long-term benefits. You can get both personal or commercial solar street lights Fortunately, this is giving you the best chance to make a contribution to a healthy and safe environment.

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