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What Is A Solar Power Plant

What is a Solar Power Plant – The solar power plant is based on the conversion of sunlight into electricity. As the use of solar energy has been increased nowadays. Not only we save the electricity with the help of a solar power plant but it also contributes towards the environment. It converts solar energy into electricity either directly using photovoltaics (PV) or indirectly using concentrated solar power (CSP). Let us discuss more, what is a solar power plant?
What is a solar power plant

It is in great use as it is least expensive and provides electricity with sunlight. The utilization of these products is increasing day by day after knowing the importance of solar energy use. the government is also taking initiatives to aware the people about solar products by introducing incentive schemes.

Installing solar power plant is quite beneficial in every aspect not only your pocket but the entire globe. This solar equipment is used in an active manner and converts the solar energy into a useable form which can be used for powering all sort of appliances.

Concentrated solar power system use mirrors, lenses and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam. The photoelectric effect coverts the light into electric current. All the countries all over the globe have decided to bring the solar products into great use.

As everyone is aware nowadays to contribute towards the globe, our environment with the help of solar energy. Apart from this, it is a one-time investment and there will no more need to spend on heavy electricity cost again and again.

Types of Solar Power Plants

There are different sort of product type options used for powering all kinds of appliances. The passive use takes place when the house or industry have been created in maximum exposure to the rays of the sun.

The power plant absorbs more energy from the sun and turns that into electricity. Many industries are going for solar power plants, which help them to save money and also prevent heavy pollution from the factories. Here are the types of Solar Poer Plant below.

  1. Photovoltaic solar energy plant – This kind of power plant is a perfect substitute for usual electricity energy used in houses for powering the appliances. The Photovoltaic solar energy plant captures the energy from the sun and gets out covered into electricity. This process does not inject any harmful chemicals or smoke into the atmosphere, it is a clean and simple way of converting solar energy into electricity. Many of the companies or factories installing this power plant so that they could drive the maximum amount of energy. Also reduces the traditional forms of electrical energy.
  2. Solar Thermal energy plant – This solar thermal energy plant used for creating solar generated heaters which can be used for water heating and also an indoor heating system. This power plant also grabs the energy from the sun and convert into heat energy. This can be used for various purposes like cooking and for drying clothes also. The low temperature of this thermal power plant can be used for swimming pools as well. And the high temperatures will help in generating the electricity that is needed for everyday use.
  3. Concentrating power plant – The concentrating power plant makes use of mirrors and lenses to capture the energy from the rays of the sun. The method of functioning of this concentrating power plant is similar to photovoltaic solar energy plants. The sun rays directly come upon photovoltaic cells and converts the sunlight into electric energy.  The very large scale companies make use of these concentrating power plants for utilizing solar energy.

Components of a Solar Power Plant

With what solar thermal power plant is composed off? It is the system comprising a power generation unit, electrical support system, and a conversion unit. Here is the list of components solar power plants are composed of.

  • Panels – (Sunlight to DC Power) A panel contains a number of solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity. This is the main component of the plant. The overall generation of the plant depends upon its selection.
  • Inverters – (DC Power to AC Power) The inverters convert the electricity from solar panels which are in DC form to AC form. For electricity production from panels command and control signals are provided by the inverters.
  • Module Mounting Structures – On the ground or on the rooftop, mounting structures support solar panels. These protect the panels against external impacts like wind, water logging etc and provides a secure fastening panel.
  • Cables – Cables transfers the electricity from the panels to the inverter and from inverter to the load. These withstand long-term exposure to sunlight and other atmospheric conditions.
  • Batteries – At an additional cost battery packs can be added to the it in order to store the excess energy produced by them during the day.
  • Other Electricals – Components like switches, fuses, combiner boxes, meters, distribution boards, monitoring systems etc. complete the infrastructure of this solar product.

How Does the Solar Power Plant Work?

The working of solar power plant is in a similar manner as small domestic scale PV panels. These panels are made from semiconductor material usually some form of silicon. free electrons are generated when photons from when sunlight hit the semiconductor material which can then flow through the material to produce electrical current directly.

In physics, it is known as the photo-effect,  DC current needs to be converted to alternating current (AC) using an inverter before it can be directly used or fed into the electrical grid.

These PV power plant panels are different from others as they use photo-effect directly without the need for other devices or processes. Like water needed in solar thermal panels, there is no need in PV power plant of any liquid heat-carrying agent.

The PV power plant simply converts photons into electricity that transmitted somewhere else.  These do not concentrate on energy. These work in an effective and organized manner. So this is the solar power plant working principle which you are curious to know about.

Benefits of Solar Power Plant

Solar power generation, the fastest growing renewable sources of electricity. The benefit is innumerable as it helps out in a number of ways. Whether you are the owner of a business, a house, or municipal building you can avail all the advantages of solar energy. Some of the benefits of a solar power plant are below.

  • Cut down the heavy electricity bills – Installation of such solar products can help you to save a huge amount of money by saving the heavy electricity bills. It collects the energy from the sun with which you can run all the appliances so there is no need to buy costly electricity.
  • Protects the environment & Shrink your carbon footprint – Solar panels produce less pollution and run silently.  According to reports, an 8.kW home solar system avoids an equivalent of 9606 ponds 7of  carbon dioxide released each year. It’s doing the work of approximately 50 mature trees. Going solar is highly beneficial for our precious environment.
  • Immense government support –  The government is supporting the installation of all kind of solar solar product for tax credits keeping the cost of the solar power generation more affordable. In fact, the government is also promoting solar products by introducing incentive schemes. So the support to the solar products is huge by the government.
  • Renewable energy source & Low Maintenance –  Solar energy is renewable as it comes from natural resources like the sun. Usage of fossil fuels and natural gas not only damage the environment but are also costly. The solar products are an only one-time investment and save both cost and environment. Moreover, if we talk about the maintenance expense then that costs cheap.
  • Multiple Uses of Solar Power – It provides the electricity to use all sort or appliances. It generates the power to meet everyday needs like cooking, heating water, run generators, and cars. Solar power plants or solar products have come to save the globe along with saving the money and though useful for multipurpose.
  • Doesn’t take up extra space – These solar products doe not require extra space, the products are not very large and the panels installation is generally at the rooftop which does not make you feel any hassle. The solar products are quite beneficial for almost all the aspects and do not require extra large space.
  • Suitable for all climates – The solar products are suitable for almost every climate, these require only natural energy and if the climate is frizzy or snowy then the inverter or batteries provides the stored energy to the solar products so that you would be able to use appliances in all the climates.

Solar Power Plant Cost

After being acquainted with what is a solar power plant and how it works, and especially delights attached to using it, many of you must be interested to install one for you. So there must be queries regarding how much investment is needed to start a solar power plant in India. On average, you are required to pay around Rs 65 per watt. And for 1 MW, the solar power plant price will be around Rs 450 lakhs. Therefore, this is the round figure for how much does a 1 MW solar farm cost in India.


Solar products are the complete package to be safe from the heavy electricity bills and to contribute in a great way to the environment protection. In addition, these allow you to use any of appliances with natural energy and does not make you face any hurdle. Moreover, these sort of products are only one-time investment there will be no requirement to spend on it again and again.

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