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What Is A Solar Water Heater

What is a Solar Water Heater – Using the non-renewable energy resources redundantly will never be having any positive consequences. The whole world is already struggling with climate conditions at present. Fortunately, we have some renewable energy resources with us which we can utilize most amazingly to save our environment. This is one of that magical green and clean energy product. This advancement can help you get hot water with the help of sunlight. Further, you will come to know quite well about what is a solar water heater and perks associated with it.

What Is A Solar Water Heater

The cognizance regarding healthy, safe, and clean environment is heading people towards the huge increase in eco-friendly products usage. Besides that, the government is also encouraging the efforts for environmental protection. Increase in solar energy use is a delightful thing to see nowadays. One of the best solar product is a solar water heating system. You don’t have to pay heavy electricity bills and you can contribute to society simultaneously.

Solar energy products usage is immensely popular worldwide. And if it comes to India, we are doing really great at present in terms of solar energy use. The government of India has targeted to achieve the solar capacity of 20 MW till 2022. But guess what, we have successfully achieved that too early i.e., 2018. India is having the solar capacity of over 25.21 GW in the latest statistics of December 2018. Now the goal is all set to achieve 100 GW of solar capacity till 2022.

Basic Introduction to Solar Water Heaters

One natural energy resource which is never going to betray you in need is your very own sun. Out of several renewable energy resources, solar energy is the best to rely on. You don’t need to pay huge electricity bills to have a hot water shower. Yes, fortunately, you can get a solar water heating system in the market in any location you want.

What Is A Solar Water Heater

This is not necessary that every person here must be having a profound knowledge regarding solar water heaters. No worries, even if you have not. It is a solar product which converts sunlight energy into heat energy. You can use this hot water for a variety of purposes like bathing, utensils, and cloth washing etc. It comprises of following parts.

  • Thermal collector (solar panels).
  • Water storage tank.
  • Circulating pump.
  • Thermal regulator.

Solar Water Heater Working Principle

How does a solar water heater work? There will be some potential users os this solar product who are curious to know the working principle of solar water heating system. The process is not so complex to understand. It is the thermal collectors which play very significant and first role in overall water heating process. These collectors will gather sunlight energy and then convert it into heat energy.

The second role will be of circulating pump. A circulating pump will be passing the heat energy to water. Here thermal regular will be the biggest factor to decide whether the heat needs to be transferred or not. It will let the circulating pump pass heat energy only when stored water is having less hotter than thermal collectors.

This regulator will ensure the prevention of overheating and wastage of heat energy. You will love installing a solar water heating system at your workplace after knowing all the benefits.

Kind of Collectors Used in Solar Water Heaters

Thermal collectors play a significant role in providing you the output in the most efficient manner. You have a variety of options for thermal collectors. You can roam around the points given below to know the different thermal collectors or solar water heater panels available for solar water heating system. Scroll down.

  1. Solar Batch Collectors: Many of you will find solar batch collectors the best eco-friendly product for you. In this solar batch water heater system, the collector will be playing two roles simultaneously i.e., collector and water storage tank too. This is one of the best domestic solar water heating systems you can get for you. There is no need for a pump and electricity. Therefore making it a cheaper clean energy product. Besides that, it is a DIY solar power product as being easier to use.
  2. Solar Flat- Plate Collector: Here is another option for residential and commercial use with higher efficiency i.e. solar flat plate collector. This metallic box comes with the upper plastic cover i.e., glazing and darker bottom absorber plate. Due to good heat conductivity, the plates are coated with copper or aluminum coatings. And these plates are then being blackened to increase the heat absorbing efficiency. This sheet is having many copper tubes in it called risers. Therefore the product is highly useful for major household and minor commercial uses.
  3. Evacuated Tube Collectors: Most efficient thermal collector you can get at present is evacuated tube collector. The tube collectors may contain either water or a heat transfer fluid and must be of glass or metallic coatings (borosilicate). These tubes are encircled by bigger glass tubes. This increases its efficiency with harnessing more heat energy and preventing its loss. This can better be working in the low and freezing temperatures too.

Types of Solar Water Heaters

What are the different types of solar water heaters? Now after being familiar with the knowledge on construction and working of the solar water heater, let’s get to the various options you can go with. The major difference lies in the control. Majorly solar water heating system is categorized into two types i.e. active and passive solar water heaters. Let us first discuss the active one.

Active solar water heating system comprises of circulating pump and is also having control. This will include either the direct and indirect circulation systems in its products. The system consists of 5 major components i.e.,

  • Thermal collector.
  • Circulating pump.
  • Storage tank system.
  • Back-up water heating system.
  • Controller or regulator.

In case of the direct circulation system, the water is directly being pumped to through the collectors. And it is best suitable for the climate where there are optimum temperature conditions.

While in case of the indirect circulation system, the pumps will be circulating the antifreeze solution of heat transfer fluid and heat exchanger. The areas where the temperature goes down the freezing points can utilize this solar water heating system.

Now come to the passive solar water heaters, there will be no circulation pumps and even no controls. These systems are less efficient in comparison to the active one. But are cheaper and easier to handle. You can get integral collector storage passive systems or thermosyphon systems.

The former one is best for ordinary household daytime and evening hot water requirements. Later one works as per the cold water sinks in and hot water comes up in the storage tank. In order to get higher efficiency, the thermal collector needs to be placed below down the storage tank to make warm water rise easily. Most probably this system is much expensive than the integral collector passive systems.

Benefits Of Installing  Solar Water Heaters

How solar water heaters are useful to reduce electricity bills? Whenever we are about to buy a product, our very very first question will be regarding the benefits. Don’t worry if you are planning to buy solar water heaters for your personal or professional use, you are on a very profitable track. And to know how below mentioned are the perks attached to solar water heaters, have a look.

What Is A Solar Water Heater

  1. Reduces electricity bills.
  2. Using the most renewable energy resource i.e., Sun.
  3. Contribution to environmental protection.
  4. Reduces carbon footprint and pollution.
  5. Easier to handle and manage.
  6. Lesser maintenance.
  7. Enjoyable incentive and rebate schemes.
  8. Conservation of renewable and conventional energy resources.

How Much a Solar Water Heater Cost in India?

Nothing comes for free, and when it comes to such a quality product, everyone will be ready to pay whatever the price will be. A wise initial investment can assist you with end number of future benefits. The price will differ with the different solar company.

You just need to make analytical quality and price comparisons and know how much does it cost for a solar water heater? Because this is the matter of your hard earned money for the long term benefits. We will be acknowledging you here with the average cost of the solar water heater in India. Here you go.

What Is A Solar Water Heater

  • If you are about to install a solar batch collector water heaters, the price range starts from Rs 1,40,000.
  • In the case of flat plate collector solar water heaters, the price will differ according to capacity. For 100 liters, the price is around Rs 22,000 and for 350 liters, you will have to pay Rs 85,000 approximately.
  • If you are interested in buying the evacuated tube collector heating system, then a water heater with 100 liters capacity will start from Rs 15,000. And for 350 liters, it is Rs 62,000.

So concluding the statement here expecting you to be clear about what is the solar water heater, how it works, types, and solar water heater prices. This can be the best lucrative investment you can make for long-term benefits. Pick the best solar water heaters contractor who can assist you in the easy and safer installment of the solar water heating system. This way you can save upon your pockets and also can make a valuable contribution he society as well.

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